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Which 5-star weapon should you choose for Targeted Convene in Wuthering Waves?

Choose the best weapon for you.

The standard weapon banner in Wuthering Waves is incredibly generous because it not only has a 100% guarantee that you’ll get the featured weapon, but it also lets you choose which 5-star weapon you want to pursue.

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That’s a big choice, though, and a lot of players are unsure of themselves. Getting a 5-star weapon is a huge investment that requires a lot of time and patience (or money), so picking the best one is a big deal. If you don’t know much about the best 5-star weapons in Wuthering Waves, here’s a breakdown of every weapon featured on the Weapon Permanent Convene banner.

Best 5-Star Banner Weapons in Wuthering Waves

There are currently five 5-star weapons to choose from on the Weapon Permanent Convene banner in Wuthering Waves.

  • Emerald of Genesis (Sword)
  • Lustrous Razor (Broadblade)
  • Static Mist (Pistol)
  • Abyss Surges (Gauntlets)
  • Cosmic Ripples (Rectifier)
Wuthering Waves Weapon Targeted Convene
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Of course, the best weapon for you will depend on the characters that you have, particularly the best 5-star Resonators on your team. The Lustrous Razor Broadblade may be good, for example, but it’s basically useless to you unless you have Jiyan or Calcharo. If you have a 5-star character that you love using, pick a weapon for them. Every 5-star weapon on this list is best-in-class for its archetype, anyway.

Best 5-Star Weapon Choices

If you need more guidance, however, then some of these weapons are safer investments than others. The Emerald of Genesis Sword is easily the best of the bunch for two reasons. First, there are several Sword users on the Wuthering Waves roster so you can use it with a lot of Resonators. Secondly, it comes with a Crit Rate substat and has an incredibly useful passive perk that increases Energy Regen and boosts ATK when you use your Resonance Skill. This is useful for every unit in the game, so you can’t go wrong with Emerald of Genesis.

The Static Mist Pistol is also best-in-class for firearms in Wuthering Waves and it has a Crit Rate stat attached to it like Emerald of Genesis, but the problem with this Pistol is that there aren’t any excellent Pistol Resonators in Wuthering Waves at the time of writing. There are only three 4-star Pistol wielders in Wuthering Waves 1.0, so you’d get better mileage out of another 5-star weapon that can be used with a 5-star Resonator right now. Still, Static Mist is insanely strong and you still can’t go wrong with it if you like the Pistol playstyle.

5-Star Weapons to Avoid

We recommend avoiding the other three 5-star weapons unless you really need them for a certain character since the Sword and Pistol are so strong. Still, they’re all easily the best weapons of their type so there really isn’t a wrong answer here.

Lustrous Razor is easily the best of all the base game Broadblades outside of Jiyan’s signature Verdant Summit, and it’s a fantastic fit for characters like Calcharo because of its buffs to Energy Regen and Resonance Liberation DMG. Abyss Surges are unmatched in the Gauntlet category, and you can get great mileage out of them since two 5-star Resonators (Jianxin and Lingyang) pair beautifully with them. Last but not least, Cosmic Ripples is a really solid Rectifier that boosts Basic Attack DMG and increases Energy Regen, making it a one-size-fits-all weapon that works with most Resonators.

At the end of the day, though, you should really just pick a 5-star weapon that will benefit your favorite character. If you like using Encore, for example, then just pick Cosmic Ripples for her. Don’t worry about the meta all that much, you’ll be much happier that way. These weapons are all fantastic anyway, so there aren’t any incorrect choices.

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