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Who you choose to eat with is normally inconsequential, but in a game like Pentiment, where every bit of information is important, the people players choose to dine with become all the more significant. The people of Tassing have all sorts of secrets and, sometimes, those secrets spill when they break bread. It may go without saying at this point, but just in case — possible spoilers ahead!

Who should you eat with in Pentiment?

There are nine options to choose from, but not all of them offer useful information regarding the baron’s murder. Some may provide useful information about key people involved in the incident, while others may simply give insight regarding the town or themselves. You can eat with every character except Johan and Heddy, Frantz and Kat, as well as Ulrich and Grett. They will all give you tangible leads that will help with your investigation.

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Here are all of the people players can eat with:

  • Smokey (Forest)
  • Lucky and Agnes (Midwife’s House)
  • Peter and Clara (Gertner Farm)
  • Lady Salomea (The Guest House)
  • Sebhat (Abbey Cloister—Day 3)
  • The Ottos (Zimmerman House)
  • Johan and Heddy (Johan Bauer Farm)
  • Frantz and Kat (Frantz Bauer House)
  • Ulrich and Grett (Alban Bakery)

Keep in mind that time is limited in Pentiment. Carefully choosing who to eat with during lunch and supper to get a better idea of who killed the baron.

For example, Lucky will tell players about a secret tunnel that connects the crypt to the library inside the abbey. He and his wife will also tell the story of how they lost their daughter and unborn granddaughter, implying that the baron may have had something to do with their demise. This story is supported by an account from Peter and Clara, who mentions that the deceased baron behaved especially badly toward a young woman who lived with Lucky and Agnes.

The baron’s predatory nature towards women is confirmed by his wife, Lady Salomea. She acknowledges her husband’s unfaithfulness and tendency for extramarital affairs, and she will give players a note and letter if they return to the Guest House after eating with her.

Otto and Old Otto won’t have much to say regarding the baron’s death, but they will point Andreas in the direction of Sister Matilda and Mother Cecilia. The former is also mentioned by Smokey, saying that he has seen her acting friendly with Brother Wojslav

Lunch with Sebhat, who appears in the Abbey Cloister on Day 3, will include a couple of other NPCs. Paul, the miller’s son, will mention that he saw a Roman rise from his tomb near the aqueduct, the same place where Andreas sees a “ghost” near the end of Day 1.

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