EA’s ‘Summer Showcase’ launched with a look at the Fifa 13 and Madden 13 sports titles for the Wii U, as developers from both titles took to the stage to explain the specific features that both games will have on Nintendo’s forthcoming console. As you’d expect, the additional tablet was front and center in the presentation.

In Fifa 13, you’ll be able to use the tablet to aim with more precision during free kicks and shake it during shooting situations to bring up an on-screen representation of the goal to touch-aim at. EA says that these external features are purely optional, so if you feel they make the game a bit too easy and wish to play the Wii U version in the same way as the Xbox 360/PS3 one, you can.

Managerial aspects were shown off too, with the tablet being able to display numerous stats for each player in the game and enabling you to make substitutions on the fly. During co-op, a second player can use the tablet to send players on helpful (or unhelpful) runs.

Madden 13 was much the same, with the tablet offering the ability to make formation and tactical decisions on the fly, setting up new plays on defense or offense without having to move back into the game’s menus.

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