August 23rd, 2017

Winter Steam Sale begins, wallets weep terrified tears

steam holiday sale

And lo! The winds howled, the seas swirled, the ground shook, and the heavens cracked open. The prophecised time had arrived. The Steam Winter Sale had begun. It’s off to a pretty solid start, too, with some genuinely top-notch titles up for grabs on this very first day.

In terms of daily deals, you’ve got the 10/10 Tim approved Monaco for £2.39, the you-probably-have-this-already Dishonored for £3.74, the hilarious The Stanley Parable for £5.99, and the rather jolly BioShock Infinite for £6.24. Bizarrely, you can also pre-order Metal Gear Rising: Revengance for £15.40, which I think marks the first time I’ve ever seen a pre-order in a Steam sale’s daily deals section. I mean, it’s not out until January.

On the side of things that are either not quite as magnificent (or, at least, things that I care less about) you’ve got Assetto Corsa Early Access for £22.49, Batman: Arkham Origins for £19.99, Space Hulk for £7.81, and Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition for £4.99. In terms of flash sales, the next eights hours have discounts on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (£2.99), Divekick (£1.49), The Typing of the Dead: Overkill (£7.49), and Guns of Icarus Online (£2.49).

Obligatory Steamy Tip: If a game you’re after isn’t currently in a Daily Deal, Flash Sale, or Community Choice, you might want to hold off on buying it for now. In any given Steam sale, the Daily/Flash/Community discounts tend to be better than the standard sale discount, so it’s worth waiting around to see if it pops up in one of those.

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