Wolfenstein III indeed being made, says Bethesda’s Pete Hines

Wolfenstein III indeed being made, says Bethesda’s Pete Hines

We have some good news for all you Wolfenstein fans. In a recent interview with Metro, Bethesda’s own vice president and PR head honcho Pete Hines confirms that Wolfenstein III is “absolutely” in the plan. This should come as a small relief for some. While Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was received well by critics (earning a respectable 8/10 from us), we couldn’t ignore reports of the game underselling.

According to Hines, the reports may have been blown out of proportion. “At the end of the day Wolfenstein did well for us, because we’re about to do two more Wolfenstein games,” he said. “Could it have done better? Sure. But…”

One of the two Wolfenstein games he’s referring to is Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The upcoming game moves up the series timeline, and stars B.J. Blazkowicz’s twin daughters. The other, obviously, is the as of yet unrevealed sequel to The New Colossus.

“Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III. They said on stage that they’re taking a break from the larger story to do this thing,” said Hines, speaking of Youngblood. “But we all have to see how that ends.”

Wolfenstein II sales reports were overblown, says Hines.

No eulogy for the Dishonored

Another game under the Bethesda umbrella was also overshadowed by some negative press. Dishonored 2, while it too scored well, was met with apparently low sales reports. However, this won’t stop Bethesda or developer Arkane Studios. Hines hints that the team may produce another Dishonored some day.

“Look, Arkane has two studios, they’re working on a number of things,” he said. “That’s no different than Todd Howard saying, ‘I’m gonna make a Fallout game and then I’m gonna make Starfield before I go back to TES6.’ He didn’t say I’m never making another… there’s like, ‘We have an idea for another thing here, we have an idea for another there’.”

“We are a business, we are trying to make money so we’re doing things that we think are smart,” Hines continued. “We’re doing things we think people will want and will be successful. And it’s gonna continue to be a mix.”

[Thanks, Metro]

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