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World of Warcraft Season 4 will let players pick their own tier set

Which combo are you choosing?

Tier sets are all the rave in World of Warcraft and it’s new raids during each major patch. These have evolved throughout Dragonflight, and Blizzard will take a different approach when it comes to Season 4 of the expansion. This time around it’ll let players choose which adventure they want to take.

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Players will get to pick their own tier in WoW Dragonflight Season 4

While the current raid, Amidrassil, The Dream’s Hope has been live for nearly two months at the time of writing, players are still aiming to get their full tier set on the Myth track. These sets are vital for all classes in the game, as having four pieces of the current tier allows players to access bonuses to their classes.

Whether or not this means one of your spells has a second cast or activates a secondary effect to boost your haste, they’re always changing these up each raid.

Now, for Season 4 of Dragonflight, which is coming during the Spring of 2024 right before The War Within releases, players will have a bit of a different approach to their tier set.

Blizzard has noted that they’re allowing players to vote on what the tier set will look like, alongside which bonus they want it to have from the three raids we got to play in Dragonflight.

“This means that in Season 4, demon hunters might vote for a set that has the look of Season 1, with Season 2 set bonuses for Havoc and Season 3 set bonuses for Vengeance.”

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Dh Sets
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Players can vote now, and the voting process will remain live for around a week, giving players ample time to see which sets they want the most. For instance, Demon Hunters are currently slated to receive the look and bonus of the current tier set in Season 3, but it’ll be scaled to align with Season 4’s power.

This is a unique concept that Blizzard has introduced, and we’re eager to see how players vote throughout the next week or so, as this could lead to some pretty powerful raid compositions.

In the meantime, be sure to head over here for more information about the future of World of Warcraft in 2024 and beyond.

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