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Asobo has released the 12th World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator — the New Zealand update. As expected, this new World Update includes a variety of scenery enhancements throughout all of New Zealand, including refreshed satellite imagery, new photogrammetry scenery, and handcrafted models for various points of interest.

Venturing southward once more

You may recall that a few World Updates ago, Asobo and its partners upgraded the in-game Australia. Now, it’s time for its smaller, nearby neighbor to get the same facelift. World Update 12 brings with it seven new photogrammetric cities, dozens of new points of interest including various bridges, lighthouses, towers, and other major bits of infrastructure, and a handful of handcrafted airports like the beautiful and renowned Milford Sound Airport (NZMF).

There are also some new gameplay activities around New Zealand to enjoy such as new bush trips, discovery flights and landing challenges.

The sights of New Zealand await in the Microsoft Flight Simulator update

While it’s nowhere near the size of its major neighbor, Australia, New Zealand stands out in a class of its own due to its unprecedented scope of natural beauty. With miles and miles of fjords, mountain ranges, rivers, and fields to explore, along with a few urban centers sprinkled throughout the stretch of the two main islands, this country has a lot to offer.

Virtual aviators will be able to enjoy handling all sorts of operations, including taking commercial jets in and out of major airports like Auckland Airport (AKL), to venturing deep into the vast wilderness of the islands in a bush plane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Wu12 New Zealand

Image via Asobo Studios/Microsoft

Even before this World Update, we recommended New Zealand in our list of gorgeous locations to check out in the virtual globe of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thus, now it’s even more worth a visit (or revisit), as it looks even more spectacular.

Following this, the next major update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be Sim Update 12, which is currently being beta tested.

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