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Earlier today, we had a look at an entirely different world war, one about zombies. This time around, we’re going back to a reality, or rather, one possible future — World War 3. The cooperative first-person shooter from developer The Farm 51 promises a brand-new combat experience featuring real-world locations. The latest gameplay trailer from Gamescom, as you can see below, gives us a glimpse of the action.

World War 3 – Gameplay Trailer

First off, it’s worth noting that the trailer only shows us an early build of the Warzone game mode. Warzone is the game’s online combat on a massive scale featuring squads and vehicular support. In World War 3’s gameplay trailer, we see a squad move through a city while under heavy fire. Alongside them are tanks attempting a breakthrough.

While the graphics look a bit less polished than, say, Battlefield V, they still look fairly crisp. In fact, we would describe them as “very clean,” for lack of a better term. One would think that each weapon and vehicle did not even suffer any wear-and-tear. It’s like everything was shiny and clean as a whistle even whilst in the middle of a firefight. The environments also look quite immense. We saw battles on the streets of Berlin, and just outside The Kremlin in Moscow.

What we’re looking forward to in World War 3, however, is the cover and bullet penetration system. Several times in the trailer we saw opponents hiding behind walls and pillars, only to get shot down by rifle fire. Also, when a game touts realism, one particular glaring moment was when a soldier took half a dozen bullets to the head before getting taken out.

Still, there should be enough time for The Farm 51 to polish everything. Given that this was just an early alpha trailer, World War 3 is sure shaping up to be an action-packed competitive FPS game.

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