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Wuthering Waves devs slipped in a hilarious reference to a Devil May Cry 5 meme


It’s always nice to see developers pay homage to classic games that inspired them throughout the years. Wuthering Waves, the latest Genshin-like gacha game to be released, has taken this notion beautifully with its references to other game franchises. So much so, that the Wuthering Waves devs slipped a hilarious reference to a Devil May Cry 5 meme into the game.

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Kuro pays tribute to Vergil’s chair in Wuthering Waves easter egg

Wuthering Waves Devs Slipped In A Hilarious Reference To A Dmc 5 Meme Interact
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While some Rovers praise WuWa for its fair gacha system, others enjoy the nods developer Kuro Studios has placed into the game. During your time exploring the post-apocalyptic world, there is a chair you can find at the highest point of the map. You’ll find the location just south of Jinzhou, you’ll notice a very tall mountain.

At the top, there’s a chair with the option to sit and recover health in the chair with a daunting aura, that happens to have a sword leaning next to it. Any DMC fans out there will almost immediately know what this is referencing. But for those who are unaware, Kuro Studio is referring to Vergil’s plastic chair mod from Devil May Cry 5.

Wuthering Waves devs have been long-time fans of Devil May Cry

The DMC references don’t stop there for Wuthering Waves, as the character YangYang (who uses a katana) has a particularly Vergil-style attack move for her Resonance Skill. Apparently, this isn’t the first time the WuWa devs have shown their appreciation for the Capcom series.

Kuro Game Studio’s previous game, Punishing: Gray Raven, has an Alpha version of a character named Lucia. And from a quick glance at her attack moves, you can see just how much DMC has influenced the devs.

Wuthering Waves Devs Slipped In A Hilarious Reference To A Dmc 5 Meme Pgr
Screenshot: Kuro Game Studio

This remains true for their current title, Wuthering Waves, all the way down to the feel of the combat being very much like Devil May Cry. That being said, the combat isn’t 1:1 when it comes to DMC, so make sure you understand the lock-on, counterattack, parry, and dodge mechanics.

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