Xbox One to be DLNA Compatible for Streaming

In a recent query into the functionality of Microsoft’s Xbox One, it was confirmed to Penny Arcade that the console will indeed be DLNA compatible. This means that your computer, home network, and Xbox One will be capable of communicating with one another for various entertainment purposes.

Most importantly, it will act as a Play To receiver, sharing similarities with Apple’s flagship media hub, Apple TV. You may access content from home media servers and play them on your Xbox One, and music can also be streamed from your PC, which is aside from the confirmed support of audio CD playback.

The reports on the Xbox One’s capabilities are in contrast with the PlayStation 4’s. Sony released a FAQ page regarding the PlayStation 4’s abilities — and lack thereof. Two features missing from the FAQ page: audio CD playback and DLNA support.

Will PS4 support media servers or DLNA support in order to stream videos or movies from a home PC?

The PS4 system does not support client functionality* for media servers.

*We appreciate your feedback and are exploring possibilities.

Having the Xbox brand as an entertainment hub seems to be the primary goal each time a new console is launched. The original Xbox ripped music and played DVDs and the Xbox 360 had a heavy emphasis on the Microsoft Media Center, allowing players to access content stored on a Windows-based PC.

The Xbox One is slated to launch in North America on November 22 with a $499 price point. It boasts such slogans as “All in one. Input One.” The PlayStation 4 launches a week earlier on November 15 for $399.

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