Yakuza creator wants his new game to resemble a Quentin Tarantino film

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Earlier this year, news came out that the creator of the Yakuza franchise, Toshihiro Nagoshi, formed his own development team after leaving Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio in late 2021. Under this new studio, dubbed Nagoshi Studio, the former Sega employee planned to craft a game that exceeded the scope of the already massive Yakuza titles. Of course, he refrained from revealing any specifics about this new project at the time, and he remains mostly tight-lipped about it to this day. Having said that, the Yakuza creator did recently share a few small nuggets of information regarding his vision for this mysterious new game.

This news came courtesy of an interview that Nagoshi had with German outlet 4Players. He stated that his upcoming project will feature a healthy mixture of drama, comedy, and intense violence, much like the Yakuza series. Specifically, he wants the game’s tone to resemble that of a typical Quentin Tarantino film, which similarly injects humor to lighten the weight of the more serious and shocking moments.


“A human touch”

Notably, Nagoshi does not want the violence to lean too hard into thriller or horror territory, as “something that’s just intimidating or just bloody and brutal doesn’t suit my taste.” Instead, he prefers for his games to have “a human touch.”

When responding to a question about when he will reveal his new game, the Yakuza creator stated that he is not one to refrain from putting his work out there for too long. He expects to unveil the game “much sooner than other developers would,” which should definitely excite fans eager to see how he will follow up on his work at Sega. What Nagoshi has revealed so far doesn’t sound too different from a typical Yakuza game, but hopefully it will have its own identity and introduce plenty of new ideas for fans to latch onto.

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