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Sanctum 2 DLC finishes off with The Last Stand

Sanctum 2‘s scheduled DLC comes to a close today with The Last Stand, the fourth and final bit of content for the game’s Season Pass. According to Anton Weinberg – the CEO of developer Coffee…

By: Tim McDonald

Sanctum 2 The Pursuit DLC releases Friday

Coffee Stain Studios will be releasing the third piece of Sanctum 2 DLC this Friday on Steam. The new DLC called The Pursuit will see players take on a new enemy from the end of…

By: Paul Younger

Sanctum 2 Review

Apologies for how late this review is. In my defence, there are three reasons for this: first, I wanted to play this thoroughly, which meant going through most of it both solo and with a…

By: Tim McDonald

Sanctum 2 Interview

Sanctum 2, the sequel to the rather magnificent 2011 tower defense/FPS hybrid Sanctum, is due out in a matter of days. We wrote a preview. We hosted an exclusive dev diary. We even took some…

By: Tim McDonald

IncGamers Plays Sanctum 2

Peter and Tim have been spending some time with Sanctum 2, the FPS/Tower defense sequel from Coffee Stain Studios. Prior to an exclusive developer diary which will be online today, we thought it would be…

By: Paul Younger

Sanctum 2 Preview

I played a lot of Sanctum. According to Steam, I’ve spent just over 48 hours with the original FPS/tower defence hybrid – almost all of it in two-player co-op – and there aren’t that many…

By: Tim McDonald

Sanctum 2 teased by Coffee Stain Studios

It’s no secret that Sanctum 2 is in the works. Heck, Coffee Stain Studios have an entire development blog up about it. They’re up to #14! So no, not a secret. What follows may well…

By: Peter Parrish