All creatures in Lethal Company Full Beastiary

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Lethal Company isn’t short on monsters that want to kill you. If you are to meet your quota, you’ll need to get familiar with everything that will haunting your shadow.

How does the Bestiary work in Lethal Company?

Upon seeing a new creature in Lethal Company, use your radar. This will generate a monster profile of them that will be uploaded to your ship. When on the terminal, type in “bestiary,” and a new page will open up. You’ll have to enter the name of the monster you want to know about, and if you’ve scanned it, you’ll get to read the entry.

Every creature in Lethal Company

Below is a list of all the monsters in Lethal Company for your reading disdain. I’ve sorted them alphabetically, as well as some knowledge essentials that’s needed for each creature. Note that not every single creature has a bestiary page.


Lethal Company Bracken Shadow Man
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The Brakens appear to be at every dangerous moon. They will observe from a distance, then snap your neck when you’re not looking. You’ll have to be very careful, and glance every so often to keep it off your back. Do not stare, however, and don’t get too close.

Bunker Spiders

These critters will hang around inside of rooms and will wait for you to get close. You’ll have to use your flashlight to pinpoint them, otherwise, they’ll give you the shock of your life. A common practice is triggering them, jumping atop a railing, and beating them to death.

Circuit Bees

Individually, one circuit bee is rather fearsome. But having a whole swarm after you is another thing. Stealing their hive will net you a decent score, but you’ll need to run away, as they’ll remain hostile and will keep searching for you when their hive is gone. Seal your ship’s door as soon as you can.


Should games like Lethal Company pander to phobias, and where should the line be drawn?
Image: Zeekerss

Coil-Heads will remain stationary is looked at, although they’ll dare a quick dash every now and then, making them a nuisance. You’ll want to take them out quickly with one teammate staring at them the whole time. They’re most annoying when paired with other enemies.

Earth Leviathan

This enormous pest will travel through the earth to gobble up those on the surface. If you feel the ground trembling, and hear the muffled roar, you’ll need to immediately evacuate the premises. Otherwise, you’ll be eaten whole, alongside the items you were holding. They only appear outside, thankfully. The only way to properly warn of the Earth Leviathan is by someone noticing the large red dot on the radar. That will only ever mean one thing.

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Eyeless Dogs

Eyeless Dogs are blind, although they have no trouble hearing. You’ll need to crouch to get past them, but also not say a word. Your mic input will get picked up here, and before you know it’ll you’ll be getting ripped apart by a horde. If they roar, then all other Eyeless Dogs in the vicinity will approach and they’ll all investigate the area. Make sure to carefully back off if you hear one of them roar.

Forest Keeper

Should games like Lethal Company pander to phobias, and where should the line be drawn?
Image: Zeekerss

These giant creatures will blend in with the trees outside, so you’ll have to be quiet and careful to get past them. They will pick up and eat anyone they detect, consuming them and their items. They will only come out at night, however.

Hoarding Bugs

Hoarding Bugs will hang around in packs together. Although they’re easy enough to deal with by themselves, you’ll want a partner to help pick them off before they become too much of a problem. Your handy stop sign will be just fine.


It is best to leave these creatures alone on the floor, as nothing you can do will damage it. In fact, hurting it will make it more dangerous. Simply hop over it and be mindful of its presence. Make sure not to forget about them either, as they’ll be hanging around.


Should you come across a Jester, a walking jack-in-the-box, you’ll need to leave immediately. It will soon start cranking its box upon seeing a player, and it won’t be long before it activates and starts charging. It can see through walls and will not stop until everyone has evacuated the building. Don’t bother with heroics. Just run away.


A breath of fresh air, these airborne creatures, for once, won’t hurt you. In fact, they’ll flee if you approach. They tend to hover around outside in packs. Cute.

Ghost Girl

Ghost Girl In Lethal Company
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Only one player will see the Ghost Girl as she begins her haunting. When this happens, the team’s days are numbered. Soon, the Ghost Girl start to hunt the affected player until she kills them. When that happens, she’ll haunt another. There is no official bestiary entry for this entity.

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Roaming Locusts

Another passive creature, these locusts will simply fly away when approached. So just admire them and don’t worry about them.

Snare Fleas

Ambush predators, these Snare Fleas will hang around the ceiling and wait for players to walk under them haplessly. It will then jump onto the player’s face. The only way to get the thing to unlatch is to walk outside or have another player hit it off. If not dealt with, it will be lethal.

Spore Lizards

Adorable and only rarely violent, the Spore Lizards will run away when you approach. If it’s trapped, it may nip you for some damage or release some pink spores. Neither is too serious, so just leave the poor thing be.


These awful creatures will creep around complexes. You can hear them dragging themselves around. A roar will signal that one has spotted you, and you’ll have to make many turns to lose its focus. Otherwise, it’ll attempt to tackle you down. A common practice here is to jump on a railing and whack them until they die.

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