All Crimson Fleet quests and rewards in Starfield

Starfield Crimson Fleet Quests And Rewards
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Throughout your journey in Starfield, you will get to know about a lot of different factions. There are five main factions and several other smaller factions. Each of these factions has a different way of operating themselves, along with different objectives and types. You can join any of these factions at any point in the game based on your liking. However, each of the factions will give you unique types of quests to complete, with each quest having a specific impact on your storyline. The Crimson Fleet is a band of space pirates who work to wreak havoc in the different areas of space. This an extremely violent group of people equipped with high-tech space weapons and resources. If you pledge allegiance to this faction, you must participate in eight quests. However, during the whole time, you will either work as a UC SysDef undercover agent or a double agent. This guide will provide a detailed list of all the Crimson Fleet quests and their rewards. 

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List of all Crimson Fleet quests and rewards in Starfield

Starfield Meeting Naeva Mora On The Key

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The Crimson Fleet quests can be a great way to earn extra Starfield credits. Moreover, you can gather a lot of loot by participating in this faction’s mischievous activities throughout the quests. However, at different points of the quests, you must make choices to show allegiance to the UC SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. At the end of all the quests, the outcome will hugely affect the course of the game based on your decisions throughout the missions.

Quest Name Location Objective Rewards
Deep Cover MAST District, Jemison. Infiltrate the Crimson Fleet and get access to The Key while acting as an undercover agent for the UC SysDef.  4,800 Credits,

250 XP.

Rook Meets King Cydonia, Mars. This is the first quest as a Crimson Fleet member. In this mission, you will be tasked to kill a former pirate called Austin Rake. However, if you plan to stay loyal to the UC SysDef, you can fake his death, report it to the Crimson Fleet, and still pass the mission.  5,800 Credits,

250 XP, 

Pirate Swashbuckler Gear.

Echoes of the Past The Key, Suvorox. Explore the abandoned prison, The Lock, to discover secrets about Kryx’s Legacy.  20,000 Credits,

350 XP,

Keelhauler Gun,

UC Prison Shuttle Ship. 

Breaking the Bank Siren of Stars, Arane System.  Find more information about Kryx’s Legacy by confronting Larry Dumbroski. You cannot use any kind of weapon throughout this quest.  350 XP
The Best There Is The Key, Suvorox.  Steal an object called the Comspike from a UC Navy Ship with the help of a Crimson Fleet member named Huan Daiya.  9,600 Credits, 

250 XP

Absolute Power UC Vigiliance, Deimos.  Collect data on the Conduction Grid Plans from a ship stalled in space.  12,400 Credits, 

350 XP

Eye of the Storm Bannoc System In this mission, you will finally find Kryx’s Legacy. Now, you must decide if you want to give it to the UC SysDef or the Crimson Fleet.  8,400 Credits,

350 XP

Legacy’s End The Key/ Ug Vigiliance, Suvorov/ Sagan.  The objective of this mission completely depends on your choice made during the ‘Eye of the Storm’ mission. If you choose the Crimson Fleet, you will now embark on a space war against the UC SysDef, destroying their ships and stealing valuable information and loot. The same will happen the other way around if you choose to show your allegiance towards the UC SysDef in the previous mission.  250,000 Credits, 

350 XP

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