All Freestar Collective quests and rewards in Starfield

Freestar Collective Quests And Rewards Starfield
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Freestar Collective is one of the main factions in Starfield, which has the same work and motto as the UC Vanguard faction. The Freestar Collective is the second-largest faction in Starfield. The actions of this faction are very much affected by the Colony War they had with UC Vanguard 20 years before Starfield took place. This faction features one of the best and most interesting questlines in the game. Throughout the quests of this faction, you will mostly be tasked to retrieve useful information by infiltrating several locations or confronting the important personalities of Starfield.

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List of all Freestar Collective quests and rewards in Starfield

Freestar Collective Starfield

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The Freestar Collective questline is shorter and more straightforward than most other faction questlines in Starfield. The mission objectives of this faction are also easier than others, making it a good source for players to earn some quick credits in the game.

Mission Location Objective Rewards
Job Gone Wrong GalBank, Akila City Coordinate with Daniel Blake to free people from a hostage situation at the GalBank.  3,800 Credits,

150 XP

Deputized The Rock, Akila City Meet with Emma Wilcox at The Rock and complete any mission from the Freestar Collective mission board. After completing this mission, you will officially become a member of the Freestar Collective faction 5,800 Credits,

250 XP

Where Hope is Built The Rock, Akila City Meet your fellow ranger Nia Kalu and help her repair a broken ship. Afterward, take on some spacers and finish them in combat.  9,300 Credits,

250 XP

Shadows in Neon HopeTech Factory, Polvo Travel to Neon to meet Jaylen Prince and Billy Clinton for useful information about the stolen HopeTech ship. With the information from Billy, track Grace Early, take an encrypted slate from her, and return to Akila City to end the mission.  9,300 Credits,

250 XP

Surgical Strike The Rock, Akila City Travel to The Clinic at the Narion System and find the whereabouts of Maya Cruz and collect some evidence from her.  9,300 Credits,

350 XP

On The Run The Rock, Akila City Find Marco in his ship at the Cheyenne system and persuade him to hand over a slate to you. You can also kill him and loot the slate from his dead body.  13,300 Credits,

350 XP

First to Fight, First to Die The Rock, Akila City Submit Marco’s slate to Alex. Upon further inspection, head to the First Cavalry’s Headquarters at Arcturus II planet. Kill the leader Paxton Hull to obtain a more critical slate.  15,400 Credits,

250 XP

The Hammer Falls Arcturus II After examining the slate obtained from Hull, you will learn the truth of Ron Hope. Head to the HopeTech Factory to further confront Ron about his activities. At the end of this quest, you can kill Ron or accept a bribe from him to keep your mouth shut. You will receive the mission rewards regardless of the choice you make.  19,800 Credits,

150 XP,

Star Eagle Spaceship

These are all the Freestar Collective faction quests and rewards in Starfield. Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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