All Ryujin Industries quests and rewards in Starfield

Ryujin Industries Quests And Rewards Starfield
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Among all the factions in Starfield, Ryujin Industries is the only faction that minds its own business and does not interfere with any activity of the Settled Systems directly. However, this faction is highly affiliated with the corporate politics of Starfield. The quests assigned by this faction will mainly contain tasks to sabotage opposition corporations for their own gains. A majority part of the questline will also see you investigating a possible mole inside the company and also see you rising up the ladder of ranks in the corporation. If you are not someone who is very much interested in matters unrelated to the vast space of Starfield, this faction is certainly not for you. However, if you are into experiencing some extra drama to enrich your Starfield experience, join the Ryujin faction and carry out their missions. In this guide, we will provide you with a list of all the quests and rewards of the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield.

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List of all Ryujin Industries quests and rewards in Starfield

Starfield Ryujin Industries Imogene Debriefing

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The Ryujin Industries quests will provide you with an experience of a different side of Starfield. All of the quests of this faction will be provided from the same location, the Ryujin Industries Headquarters at Neon. You will be required to meet and interact with a lot of board members of this corporation in your missions to sabotage rival corporations and also to solve internal politics within Ryujin Industries.

Quest Name Location Objective Rewards
Back to the Grind Ryujin Industry Kiosk, New Atlantis

Ryujin Tower, Neon.

Apply through the Ryujin Industry Kiosk to become a member of the faction 4,000 Credits, 

250 XP

One Step Ahead Ryujin Tower, Neon.  Upload a malware program at Celtcorp and report back to Imogene.  1000 Credits,

100 XP, 

4 Digipick

A New Narrative Ryujin Tower, Neon.  Travel to Akila City to infiltrate Laredo Firearms and plant some false files.  2,500 Credits,

110 XP,

1 Reconstim. 

Access is Key Ryujin Tower, Neon.  Travel to Gagarin Landing and persuade the security chief to hand over a security card to you.  2500 Credits,

100 XP

Sowing Discord Ryujin Tower, Neon.  Turn Arthur Cuz and Zola Adisa against Infinity LTD and change Nina Hart’s presentation.  10,000 Credits,

250 XP

Accidents Happen Ryujin Tower, Neon.  Return to Hopetech and plant the arc device.  2,500 Credits,

100 XP

Maintaining the Edge Ryujin Tower, Neon. Travel to Trident Luxury Staryard and steal the schematic.  2,500 Credits,

100 XP, 

2 Med Packs

Top Secrets Ryujin Tower, Neon. Meet with Ularu Chen at the Ryujin HQ and head towards Cydonia. At Cydonia, meet Simon Ryczek and persuade him to give you an Audio and a File. Now, steal some data from Stanley’s computer and return it to Ularu.  10,000 Credits,

250 XP,

Ember Laser Pistol

Background Checks Ryujin Tower, Neon. Speak with Dalton and collect some files from Nyx afterward. Install the program on Ularu’s computer.  9,000 Credits.

250 XP

Guilty Parties Ryujin Tower, Neon. Speak to several parties to receive information on Imogene’s location. After finding Imogene, interact with her and return to the HQ to confront Ularu.  4,800 Credits,

250 XP,

2 Med Packs

The Key Ingredient Ryujin Tower, Neon. Speak with Masako and travel to Carinae-III planet to obtain some important items for Masako.  4,800 Credits,

250 XP,

3 Med Packs

Sabotage Ryujin Tower, Neon. Attend a meeting with Dalton and interact with several parties before infiltrating Infinity LTD HQ to sabotage the neuroamps project and collect some evidence.  8,400 Credits,

350 XP,

3 Med Packs,

Operative Suit,

Operative Helmet

Executive Level Ryujin Tower, Neon. Meet with Ryujin board members to make them agree to acquire Infinity LTD.  13,500 Credits,

350 XP

These are all the Ryujin Industries faction quests and rewards in Starfield. Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.

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