All rewards for the upcoming Rising Event in FFXIV revealed

All rewards for the upcoming Rising Event in FFXIV revealed
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The Rising Event in FFXIV goes live on 27 August and is up until the launch of Patch 6.5. Square Enix has not provided an exact date for this Patch at the time of writing. These events are usually pretty straightforward and consist of a handful of short quests. By the end, players are awarded several unique rewards, so they are always worth your time. Square Enix has just revealed what players can earn from the upcoming event:

All rewards for the upcoming Rising Event in FFXIV revealed

These are all obtainable rewards from the Rising Event in 2023:

  • Rising Phoenix Whistle
  • Rising Advertisement (Housing Item)
  • Land Reborn Orchestrion Scroll
  • Pom from the Heavens Orchestrion Scroll

The Rising Phoenix Whistle is used to summon the new Rising Phoenix mount. The Phoenix is usually an enemy encounter, so it’s cool that we can finally ride one around Eorzea.

What is a Rising Event?

Rising Events are limited-time quests that show up in Eorzea once per year. These are essentially anniversary celebrations for ‘A Realm Reborn.’ You can pick up the quest in The Steps of Nald in Ul’ Dah from Kipih Jakkya.

How long will these items be available?

Rising Events in FFXIV typically last two weeks, but as the end date is yet to be confirmed, it’s hard to say for sure. Items typically vanish after the event and show up a year later in the cash store. Basically, if you want them for free, you have to participate. The Rising Event is available to all players regardless of your available expansions. You must be Level 15 or higher to enter.

The Rising Event will run alongside the Moogle Treasure Trove. For the full scoop on that, check out our article. A big sale is also live in the cash shop right now to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of ‘A Realm Reborn.’

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