All SSNN quiz answers in Starfield

Starfield Ssnn Quiz
Image: Bethesda

Starfield is full of little quests that require you to complete some fun activities. While exploring space, you will often come in contact with several ships, which will assign you to different tasks. However, you will find one of the most awesome interactions when an SSNN reporter ship approaches you for a quick quiz session on their ship. If you accept the quest, you will enter the Settled Systems News Network (SSNN) ship in Starfield, where a reporter will ask you some questions as a part of the quiz. 

In order to pass the quest, you must answer these questions correctly. There is no guarantee on when you will encounter the SSNN ship. The ship might approach you anytime while you are exploring space. So, it’s best to always know the correct answers to the questions to earn some free credits. In this guide, we will provide you with the correct answers to the questions asked by the SSNN reporter in Starfield. 

SSNN Quiz answers in Starfield

Starfield Ssnn Questions

Image: Bethesda

Once you are inside the ship, a reporter will ask you four questions from eight questions. Here are all the questions and their correct answers for you to ace the quiz. 

Q1: What year did the Colony War end?

Ans: 2311

Q2: Coe’s Day honors Solomon Coe, the founder of what city?

Ans: Akila City

Q3: The Red Mile Obstacle Course takes place on what star system?

Ans: Porrima

Q4: Neuroamps were created by what company?

Ans: Ryujin

Q5: What year was the Treaty of Nation signed?

Ans: 2216

Q6: Sanctum Universum is Latin for which of the following?

Ans: Holy Universe

Q7: The CEC refers to what sports league?

Ans: Starship combat

Q8: The term “spacer” refers to which of the following?

Ans: A person born in space

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After completing the quiz session, you will again be asked two survey questions; however, the answer to the survey questions won’t have any effect on the game. Here are the survey questions. 

Q1: How often do you watch SSNN?

  • I watch it regularly
  • Not very often
  • Rarely
  • Never

Q2: In one word, how would you rate our programming, overall?

  • Good
  • Okay
  • Bad
  • I don’t have an opinion

These are all the answers you need to know to pass the SSNN quiz in Starfield. After you are done answering the quiz, you will be rewarded with credits and ship parts based on the number of questions you have correctly responded to. Additionally, you will get some funny replies from the reporter based on the number of correct answers you have given. 

Starfield is available now via Xbox Game Store and Game Pass.