All Tadpole Melody Bay song puzzle solutions in Super Mario RPG

All Tadpole Melody Bay Song Puzzle Solutions In Super Mario Rpg
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Once Mario makes it to Melody Bay in Super Mario RPG, he must guess the correct tadpole song three separate times, so here are all the puzzle solutions.

While Toadofsky can give you hints as to whether you’re close or not, it can be difficult to keep track of the songs and notes you’re trying to recreate. Let’s help you out with that.

Super Mario RPG: All Melody Bay Tadpole songs

There are three Melody Bay Tadpole songs, each that you can get hints about through different means.

The first time you make it to Melody Bay, you can recreate one, but remember to head back to Melody Bay two more times throughout the game to gain access to incredible healing items. Without further ado, here are all the Melody Bay Tadpole song puzzle solutions in Super Mario RPG.

Frog Sage’s Suite #18

On the way to Melody Bay, you’ll find a little tadpole on the water’s edge who’ll tell you the notes of Frog Sage’s Suite #18, which is the first song you need to create. The notes are So, La, Mi, Re, Do, Re, Do, Re. Recreate the image below, if it makes it easier.

All Tadpole Melody Bay Song Puzzle Solutions In Super Mario Rpg Frog Sage Suite
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As a reward, Toadofsky will grant you the Alto Card to use at The Juice Bar at Tadpole Pond. This allows you to purchase Frogleg Cola, which can heal your entire party for 80 HP at the cost of 42 coins.

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Mole Mountain Blues

Once you’re in the Mole Mines, defeat Punchinello then walk to the very end of the mine to find a group of four moles. If you chat with them, they’ll sing to you, which is a hint towards the Mole Mountain Blues song. You can now head back to Melody Bay and create this song: Mi, Do, So, Do, Re, La, Ti, Do.

All Tadpole Melody Bay Song Puzzle Solutions In Super Mario Rpg Mole Mountain Blues
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You’ll then receive the Tenor Card, which can allow you to buy Finless Cola at The Juice Bar. This will heal your party for 150 HP for the price of 90 coins.

Monstro Town Melody

You’ll discover the final song in Monstro Town inside Monstermama’s home. Head upstairs and chat with the pink star to discover Monstro Town Melody, which has the notes La, Ti, Do, Re, So, Do, Re, Mi.

All Tadpole Melody Bay Song Puzzle Solutions In Super Mario Rpg Monstro Town
Screenshot: PC Invasion

With that, head back to Melody Bay one more time and recreate the song for the Soprano Card. It’ll give you access to buy Croaka Cola for 200 coins at The Juice Bar. This will fully restore your entire party’s HP, which is an incredibly useful item.

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Super Mario RPG is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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