Modern Warfare Zombies Best Glitches
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All working glitches in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Glitching things up!

Modern Warfare Zombies is chock-full of glitches that arguably make the game mode better. I’ve collected a handful of working glitches in MWZ for you to enjoy while they last.

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Best Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ) glitches

There are dozens of helpful YouTubers who discovered these glitches and ensured they still work, and I thank them for their research. In this guide, you’ll get a list of all the active glitches in MWZ right now and how to do them. It’s worth noting that glitches are a part of every game that every developer actively tries to patch, so if you try one of these glitches and it no longer works, that’s probably because it’s been patched.

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Tombstone duplication Aether Portal glitch in MWZ

One of the best glitches in Modern Warfare Zombies allows you to duplicate all your items and money. There are several ways to do this, but the easiest one I found is to die with Tombstone equipped. After completely dying, not just getting knocked, get revived by a teammate.

Once that is done, enter the Aether Portal in Zone 3. Once inside, go to the bottom of the castle by entering through the grate in the front. Go down the hallway until you reach a big room, then turn right and continue forward. Keep following this tunnel and you’ll see an Aether Portal at the end, which takes you back to Urzikstan. If you did everything right, you’ll see your Tombstone, which holds all your items and money.

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Unlimited XP farm glitch in MWZ

If you want to unlock weapon camos and gain a lot of XP, this MWZ glitch is for you. The prerequisite for this glitch is to have the weapons you are using to farm XP be at a high enough level to deal with Zone 3 zombies. Also, bring a Dog Bone to summon a friendly Hellhound if you want to AFK this XP farm.

Modern Warfare Zombies Unlimited Xp Farm Glitch
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Go to the location indicated on the map above, which is the courtyard with the excavator. Make sure to start the Outlast Contract in Zone 3 near the courtyard. If it isn’t near there, go to the other Outlast Contract in Zone 3 and cancel it. With the Contract started, get it to above 15% progression, and then run away so the progression drops down to zero. When it has hit zero, open your map and cancel the Contract.

Once you’ve canceled the Outlast Contract, crouch under the excavator in the courtyard. Now that you’re here, you won’t be able to get hit by zombies, so start farming. You’ll get a constant flow of zombies from the canceled Outlast Contract coming to your position, so use your Hellhound to AFK XP (make sure to use Guardian Angel to heal the dog periodically) and use your weapons to earn XP camo.

God Mode glitch in MWZ

There is an invincibility glitch in MWZ which has been dubbed the God Mode. To do this, you need to call in a Juggernaut. Once the Juggernaut Crate is on the ground, you need to sprint and get the Juggernaut at the same time. If you do it right, you’ll see that your FOV is clipped into the ground.

Let the Juggernaut run out and then all you need to do is dive to activate the God Mode. This God Mode glitch only works with the controller and only keeps you from taking melee damage. If you drive, parachute, get caught by a Mimic, or swim, you’ll lose the God Mode glitch.

Unlimited Aether Blade glitch in MWZ

Modern Warfare Zombies Bad Signal Inside The Anomaly
Image: PC Invasion

The Aether Blade is insanely powerful and fun to use in Modern Warfare Zombies. With this glitch, you can get an infinite amount of Aether Blades so your entire party can use them. To do this, you first need to acquire at least one Aether Blade.

Once you have an Aether Blade, go to a Refill Ammo drop. Standing next to the resupply, throw your Aether Knife on the ground, resupply as soon as possible, and then quickly drop your Aether Knife. If you are fast, you’ll have one Aether Knife in your inventory and one on the ground. Repeat this to get an unlimited amount of Aether Knives.

Super speed glitch in MWZ

There is a glitch in Modern Warfare Zombies that allows you to run extremely fast, which is great because Urzikstan is a big map. The first step of this glitch is to equip an akimbo weapon; any akimbo weapon will do. Find a Redeploy Drone on the map and clear any zombies around so you don’t get downed the moment you successfully do the glitch.

Step one, you ascend the Redeploy. Step two, use your parachute at the top. Step three, cut your parachute and equip your akimbo weapon. Grab back onto the rope, and you should be descending. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll experience a glitch where you’re parachuting on the ground, which allows you to travel the map quickly.

All of the glitches on this list are fun and all, but they won’t help you get the Golden Armor Plate Schematic. Some things you just have to do the hard way.

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