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Following its initial reveal several months ago, the latest map expansion for American Truck Simulator finally has a release date — August 4. In just a matter of weeks, virtual truckers will get to experience the beauty of SCS’ take on the state of Montana.

Affectionately known as The Treasure State, Montana is home to just a notch over 1 million people. As one of the northernmost states in all of the contiguous United States, it has quite a bit of land area, coming in at 147,040 square miles total. This makes it one of the country’s largest states, despite being one of its most sparsely populated.


Big Sky Country

Montana makes up for its relative emptiness with rolling hills, stunning mountain ranges, and acres of lush farmland. Ranching, grain farming, mining, and lumber are some of the state’s most integral industries. As expected, the folks over at SCS Software took these fast facts into consideration and have been working hard to ensure that Montana’s essence is captured accurately in American Truck Simulator. The expansion’s release date reveal trailer proves that.

(Natural) resource hog

The trailer shows off some stunning views of some of virtual Montana’s many natural wonders in addition to the heavy industrial sectors where players will make their deliveries in American Truck Simulator.

Though there isn’t much in the way of towns and cities (the map features 15 major cities), Montana does have some beautiful settlements with a nice, rustic and historical charm to them, which the trailer makes sure to show off.

In the announcement post on its official blog, SCS details that the team is now in the final stretch of the development process and is just putting on the finishing touches to the whole package. The post also takes delays into consideration. It states that if an obstacle arises, SCS might have to push the August 4th release date back a bit. Even so, the company seems confident it’ll meet this target.

Ahead of the release date announcement, SCS also released a half-hour gameplay video. It gives a commentary-free look at the new map for American Truck Simulator.

The American Truck Simulator: Montana expansion can be wish listed on Steam right now. Following the release of the Montana expansion for American Truck Simulator, the next state slated for release will be the largest of all — Texas.

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