Apex Legends Season 4 Revenant

Apex Legends Season 4 has been quite the roller coaster for fans since its announcement. It was initially going to bring Forge to the game as a new legend, but Respawn had other plans. Forge was killed in an animated short posted on the official Apex Legends Twitter, leaving players wondering if his assassin, Revenant, would take his place. Today’s launch trailer confirms this.

Revenant abilities

Now that Revenant is confirmed to be the next legend, what in the world does he do? Data-miners managed to find files a while back listing abilities for him, and they sound pretty interesting. According to that, his Mark for Death ability lets him fire a poison dagger that can reveal a target’s location for 60 seconds. His passive, Infiltrator, enables him to walk faster than others while crouched and climb higher walls. Finally, his ultimate, Silence, has Revenant throw a device that disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds.

However, this ability list, when paired up with the Season 4 trailer, doesn’t make much sense. Aside from the high climbing, we never see Revenant use a poison dart or any “device.” We instead see him transform his robotic arm into a blade of sorts. Then he enters some shadow form to take out multiple targets, throwing doubt onto the leaked list.

Season 4 will launch on February 4, the first anniversary of Apex. Until then, the ever-elusive Revenant remains something of a mystery.

Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation

Dealing with miners

The way Respawn Entertainment has handled this legend announcement was quite interesting. Fans spent days theorizing about whether Forge was truly dead or if this was all a hoax. While this was a cool way to present new content, I think there was a little more reason behind it.

Data-miners have been spoiling and leaking projected new content since Apex launched. But this method of making the announcement has managed to bait such miners into believing something contrary to their discoveries in hidden game files.

Project Lead Drew McCoy openly expressed his grief with leaks just a few days ago, calling them “the absolute worst.” Some data-miners, like That1MiningGuy, seem willing to stop if asked, but surely others would not be so agreeable. This method of obscuring data and including red herrings may, therefore, prove far more effective at bringing some surprise and mystery back into the game.

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