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Apex Legends has been giving the community a lot of content and patches as of late, which is an incredible thing. The community begged for more content and progression, which Respawn delivered earlier this week. Now it seems they are addressing another pain point for the Apex community in nerfing the infamous Peacekeeper and the EVA-8 with this December 5 update.

Apex Legends Peacekeeper

Have no fear, the nerf is here

The Apex Legends community has been calling for a Peacekeeper nerf since even before the projectile update in early November. We got one on November 22, but it was extremely insignificant. The gun still seemed so powerful in almost every situation presented to it, making it feel like a necessary part of any loadout. Today’s December 5 update reduced the pellet size for the Peacekeeper as well as the EVA-8. This will prevent the gun from chunking players so often at ludicrous ranges, making the weapon be less versatile and more as a shotgun should be.

The PK also saw an increase in its shot spread as well as an increase in the spread on the final Precision Choke hop-up level. Once again, this change prevents players from being hit for so much damage unless within a reasonable proximity.

Apex Legends December 3 update

Baby steps to big steps for Apex Legends

Small updates and nerfs over the past couple of months have led us to the point of major content updates and weapon-tuning. Enough emphasis can’t be placed on how important and critical this PK nerf is. The gun has been a point of complaint for a while now, and knowing Respawn listened and acted accordingly is reassuring. There are still some weapons that need further tuning like the deadly Double Tap G7 Scout and the life-shredding R-99, but these nerfs show that we are heading in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more developments on Apex Legends.

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