Ashwalkers Release Date

Nameless XIII announced today that its post-apocalyptic adventure, Ashwalkers, finally has a release date. Built by Life is Strange co-creator Hervé Bonin, this narrative survival simulator makes every single player decision count. There are 34 possible endings to discover, so choose your actions wisely when Ashwalkers lands on Steam on April 15.

Ashwalkers follows a group of four, called The Squad, on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world. With limited resources and plenty of dangers, you’ll be in charge of managing The Squad’s food and equipment. Every choice matters as you search for a safe location for your tribe, but you may not be able to save everyone. Along the way, you’ll learn about each character and discover what happened to the world.


The studio unveiled a brand new Ashwalkers trailer in celebration of the nearing release date. The black-and-white video showed images of The Squad trekking through the wasteland. Acid rain, massive snow piles, and giant animals are just a few things to encounter on this dramatic journey. The characters themselves look to be pretty diverse, so their stories should be interesting. Check out the full trailer below.

Choose your own adventure in Ashwalkers

As Steam users may recall, Ashwalkers was one of 500 titles featured in the Steam Game Festival last month. Participants got to play a demo of the powerful story, which Nameless XIII said received “extremely positive” feedback.

Of course, Bonin is no stranger to choice-based games. As the co-founder of Dontnod Entertainment, Bonin had a hand in creating the ever-popular Life is Strange series. These games follow protagonists with various supernatural abilities, like time manipulation and telekinesis. Players make difficult choices that shape the outcome of the games’ stories. “We are huge fans of ‘Choose your own adventure books,'” Bonin said. “Our ambition is to combine that sense of a detailed unfolding world with the interactivity of a video game, a game where every choice matters.”

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