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In Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, you take on the role of Hilda, a young woman out on a quest to find her father. Many dangers lurk in this world, one that’s heavily inspired by Greek and Roman Mythology. Here’s our Asterigos: Curse of the Stars guides and features hub to help you with various basic mechanics and boss fights in the campaign.

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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars – Guides and features hub

Official reviewAsterigos: Curse of the Stars gives you numerous weapons and skills, as well as a plethora of enemies to eliminate. The visuals are also vibrant, though the story and presentation leave much to be desired. How does it compare to Souls-like games and is it worth your while?

How to unlock teleportation using fast travel points – The game does have several levels, though you’ll only unlock the teleportation function later.

How to reach Arges Bazaar – How exactly do you get to the market?

How to reach Stella Mine and Phalan Academy – Two more zones await, but you do need a certain elemental power to open a path.

Boss guides

  • Baraad – This bandit king waits for you in his hideout.
  • Eulalia – This malformed harpy will rain feathery death.
  • Garrison Old Whitebrow – This old fella might be quick, but the traps in this location are more dangerous.
  • Twin Colossi – These automatons are slow, but they’ve got a devastating ability.
  • Andreas and the Mercy Maiden Keys – This centurion has a secret, but you need to acquire some quest items to get to him.
  • Marble – This archon controls the power of ice, though you’d have some help along the way.
  • Avatar of Titan – This gargantuan creature provides a more cinematic encounter compared to others.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars is available via Steam.

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Asterigos: Avatar of Titan boss guide (Glittering Deeps)

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