Persona 25th Anniversary

[Update – September 20 @ 5:30 PM ET]: ATLUS Japan posted a new video featuring Morgana, celebrating the anniversary with some small updates. An official English website was created for the anniversary, as well as a new updated online store for merchandise on the way (with worldwide shipping!) All anime adaptations of Persona will be available for streaming in Japan (no news for other regions yet), and a special orchestra concert will be held on November 21 featuring the Persona 5 vocalist Lyn. More news was teased for December, so we’ll have to wait until then.

The original story, published on September 15, is as follows:

Everyone, gather around in the Velvet Room. Developer Atlus is teasing a new Persona announcement coming soon in celebration of its 25-year anniversary. Of course, no one knows what Atlus intends to reveal in a few days’ time, but it’s definitely an exciting time to be a Persona fan.

The anniversary is coming up in just five days, on September 20. We can expect some news ranging from game-changing (Persona 6, anyone?) or perhaps nothing too special at all. After all, Atlus already announced that there were seven new Persona projects in the pipeline earlier this year. If this is the start of a long string of announcements, we may have to wait a bit longer for the elusive Persona 6. That said, we’re definitely getting something for sure.


A major milestone

Persona fans are probably having a blast dissecting all the potential rumors and possible new projects Atlus has in store. The official Japanese Twitter account tweeted out for fans to keep their eyes peeled for Persona news, with a translation courtesy of the Persona-dedicated news site Persona Central.

“Celebrating the 5th anniversary since the release of Persona 5 in Japan, the Persona Twitter account says to keep your eyes peeled for more from Morgana and the rest of the Phantom Thieves while using the Persona 25th Anniversary hashtag,” the tweet reads, according to Persona Central’s translation.

For those in favor of a possible Persona 6 announcement, it is that time of year. Persona 5 was announced back in November 2013, five years after the original Persona 4 was released. It’s now been nearly five years since the original Japanese release of Persona 5, so a new announcement would be fitting. (For what it’s worth, a Persona 6 announcement is definitely happening based on the official promotional material. It’s just a matter of when.)

Persona 25th anniversary

There are two missing game posters here. All the games pictured above are mainline games.

Rumor has it…

There were some other, more questionable leaks earlier in the year. One of those rumors was a potential Persona 4 Arena Ultimax remaster, which was a popular fighting game with characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4. There’s not much to this leak, unfortunately. According to Nintendo Life, the leaker correctly predicted Metroid Dread and Sonic & Knuckles, but it’s still questionable.

Additionally, a customer survey posted earlier this year indicated the possibility of more PC ports. Other games in the Megami Tensei universe like Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Strikers, and Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster have released on Steam. The survey even explores the possibility for full remakes of Revelations: Persona and the Persona 2 duology, though those are less likely.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing else to go off of that hasn’t already been explored. There are still some unused website domains registered a while back (Cheers, ComicBook). But ultimately, there’s nothing else we can do except wait for the announcements to roll in. Additionally, new promo art also advertised Persona 5‘s fifth anniversary, so we may just see another Persona 5 spin-off like Strikers.

Persona’s 25th anniversary is on September 20, so expect the first announcement sometime around then.

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