Best Starfield weapons: 10 best weapons to get early

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Starfield is not just exploring when you’re searching early on in the game, you will encounter various enemies. Regardless of the faction they are from, you’ll still need to deal with them early on. Starfield will push you into the combat rather quickly, even if the intro of the game is slow, the combat is not. Depending on what you use, the combat of Starfield will reflect that. It can be a challenge, or you can easily down enemies. Before jumping into the fray and picking up any random weapon, here are the 10 best weapons in Starfield that you can get early on. 

Starfield: 10 Best weapons to get early

This list is no order, however, what matters the most is that you can afford them. So make sure you’re carrying enough credits.  So let’s get into the 10 best early weapons you can get in Starfield.

Boom Boom

Best Starfield Weapons 10 Best Weapons To Get Early Featured Image

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With a high rate of fire and a larger-than-life magazine, this shotgun is a good starting weapon for many reasons. For a shotgun the Boom Boom has great handling, so you can potentially one-shot enemies. On top of that, this fully automatic weapon can fire explosive rounds at chance, which can help clear areas quickly. Aside from being a fan favorite, it’s relatively cheap costing 18,000 Credits. To buy the Boom Boom head to Neon Tacticle in in Neon.


Best Starfield Weapons 10 Best Weapons To Get Early Featured Image

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Its gimmick or selling point is the poison damage it does. Not only does it poison enemies but also slows them down, making follow-up attacks easier to do. At the start of Starfield, this heavy weapon is a great asset to have in your arsenal. While you can make it better with Research Stations, it may start showing its age in the middle of the game. Getting the Posionstorm will cost you 40,000 Credits from Kore Kinetics in Neon.

N67 Smartgun

Best Starfield Weapons 10 Best Weapons To Get Early Featured Image

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If you want to go in guns blazing, you should consider getting the N67 Smartgun. With its high fire rate and high accuracy, you can stack damage nullifying any negative attributes of the weapon. However, it goes through ammo like no one’s business. But on the other hand, the N67 Smartgun takes common ammo. Buying the minigun can be done from the UC Distribution Vendor at the cost of 38,000 Credits

The Elegance

Starfield The Elegance

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I don’t use pistols as much in Starfield due to their lack of a lot of things. However, The Elegance makes everything better. The pistol has a high fire rate for a weapon it is class, so close-quarter fights can be ended quickly. The best part about the Elegance is that it can chew through most armor types. Going up against elites can be easier with this in your bag. The Elegance can be bought at Rowland Arms In Akila City and will cost about 18,000 Credits

The Buzzcut

Starfield Buzzcut

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This rifle seems to belong to the Grendle family of weapons which is one of the best weapon classes in Starfield. The Buzzcut is a prime example of all that. With deadly accuracy and a good fire rate, enemies will think twice before confronting you. However, it’s best suited to be used at a farther range than most other weapons on this list. The Buzzcut is also very cheap, costing around 4500 Credits at Neon Tacticle in Neon


Starfield Rapidshot

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Shotguns are popular in Starfield and for good reasons like, great range, great damage, and just overall fun to use. The Rapidshot falls in line with a lot of that style. One thing to note though is that the Rapidshot is a quick-firing weapon, meaning it sacrifices power for speed. This shouldn’t hurt the weapon’s attributes. Hitting as many shots as you can quickly make up for the power. The weapon can be bought at the UC Distribution Vendor for 28,000 Credits

The Equinox

Starfield Equinox

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This laser weapon will probably be one of the first weapons you come across. It’s on this list for many reasons such as being highly reliable and highly customizable. The Equinox can be used as a versatile weapon being able to be used from any distance. However, if you play in close combat, you’ll see a spike in damage. You can earn this very popular weapon by looting dead bodies or it can be bought at almost any vendor. On top of that, it only cost 3,000 Credits

Marksman AA-99

Starfield Marksman Aa99

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If you choose to do most of your engagements from a distance, consider looking into the Marksman AA-99. Thanks to its high damage, scope, and large mag size, you can sit comfortably downing enemies. Even though it’s not a one-shot kill sniper, it will do quite a bit of damage. Additionally, if you choose to stick with the rifle in the long run, that’s a great idea because of its high degree of customization. To buy the Marksman AA-99 go to the Centaurian Aernsal Shop in New Atlantis, and be prepared to spend 30,000 Credits.

Old Earth Hunting Rifle

Starfield Old Hunting Rifle

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If you’re just starting out using snipers in Starfield, this should be your first option. For an early weapon, the Hunting Rifle has great accuracy and pretty high damage with room to grow. While it has a low fire rate and small magazine size, fighting from a distance will usually be the play with this weapon. You can either go to Centaruian Arsenal or Rowland Arms to get this rifle, and it will cost about 5,000 Credits.

Modified Magshot

Starfield Mod Magshot

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For the players who strictly play at close range will want to try this weapon. Nearly a one-shot kill, this pistol will get you out of even the toughest situations. While somewhat slow on the trigger, its damage output is the compromise. On top of that, it can be changed to whatever needs you have. To buy this weapon, make your way to Kore Kentics and have around 18,000 Credits ready to spend.

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