As the first Fallout 76 PC beta ended last night, Bethesda revealed it will extend the beta this Thursday. The extension is the company’s recompense for a server bug that happened to wipe hard drives of the beta, forcing players to have to download it all over again.

    Bethesda posted the new time on a Twitter post. “We know some users have been forced to redownload the Fallout76 B.E.T.A. and not everyone will be able to enjoy the game tonight,” read the post. Indeed, some were forced to redownload the game late, which cut into the scheduled time.

    The new time for the Thursday, November 1 beta for Fallout 76 on PC begins at 2 PM EST and runs until 11 PM. That’s nine hours of beta, four more hours than what was previously announced.

    Take Me Home, Redownload

    Yesterday should have been a good day for Fallout PC fans. The beta was only hours away, however, when things began to look suspect. The concern apparently began on Twitter. People noticed that the Bethesda launcher was asking them to preload the game once more. After clicking on the button, the launcher began to download the beta again, effectively erasing what was already there.

    It happened to me, as well. As I was downloading the game yesterday, I watched as the percentage inched close to 100. Right as Fallout 76 was supposed to install, I was slapped with a server error, and bam, the progress went straight back to zero. After the news of the server error was made public, I had to wait for Bethesda to fix its servers before I could download again. Once all was said and done, I only managed to scrape out a little more than two hours in the beta.

    Fallout 76 Beta Morgantown

    Last stop: Morgantown Airport.

    Two hours is barely enough time for me to get a proper feel for the game. I did manage to complete some tutorial missions and participate in a public event, though. But not long after I entered the Morgantown Airport, the beta ended. Be sure to check the live scheduled times of the Fallout 76 PC beta for the rest of the week.

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