Bethesda gets its own E3 conference

It might be early but we’re already mentioning this year’s E3 and Bethesda are doing something special.

Are Bethesda cooking up something special for this year’s E3? Perhaps a Fallout 4 announcement? Another Skyrim? We don’t know. What we do know is they’re holding their very own special E3 Conference which is usually reserved for the likes of Microsoft, EA, UbiSoft, Sony and Nintendo. Now Bethesda will be joining the fun and hopefully revealing some tasty game announcements.

The new Doom is fairly sure to make an appearance, and Arkane’s Battlecry (Edit: I called it Battleborn by accident, apologies) will no doubt show up as well. As for Arkane’s other projects (thought to be Prey 2 and a follow up to Dishonored,) that’s a little more speculative.

The conferences are a right pain to actually attend but thankfully the event will also be live streamed on their Twitch channel. Fans will be able to register to attend the event and details on how to register will be released in the coming months.

Fallout 4 or another Elder Scrolls would go down well with players so fingers crossed they have those primed and ready for an announcement. It’s also the perfect opportunity to hype people up and then troll everybody by not announcing anything particularly surprising. So bear that in mind too.

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