Borderlands and Sludge Life go free on the Epic Games Store

borderlands the handsome collection egs epic games store free sludge life

There are two games (well, technically three) going for free this week over at the Epic Games Store. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is the usual free-game-a-week affair from Epic. But it’s joined by Sludge Life, a game that comes from the team behind High Hell.

The Handsome Collection is technically two free games in one, including Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Borderlands 2 is a classic, and arguably the best of the series, introducing the franchise to the notorious Handsome Jack. The Pre-Sequel, however, came out of Gearbox and 2K Australia in 2014. It marked the first time you could hunt vaults as both Claptrap and Handsome Jack (well, his doppelganger), as well as low gravity environments which thankfully never returns.

On the other side of the fence is Sludge Life by Terri Vellmann & Doseone, and published by Devolver Digital. And unlike Borderlands, Sludge Life released today. Like it is with many Devolver-published games, this is an odd one. Sporting cutting-edge early PlayStation 2-era graphics, Sludge life is a first-person, open-world game all about vandalism. You roam about, tagging the “corporately branded landscape” with your mark. There are mini-games to play, a “dedicated fart button,” and a cat with two buttholes. Yes, a Devolver game.

Sludge Life Borderlands Egs Epic Games Store Free

Possibly a self-aware Devolver game. And in other news, grass is still green.

Did I mention the cat with two buttholes?

Getting Borderlands and Sludge Life is a simple process. All you need is an account at the Epic Games Store, and these two handy links. Once you’re at the pages, click the large GET button and you’re all set. Epic has been giving away free games for many months, and there should be another next Thursday.

In fact, we know what it is. According to a leak last week, the next game will be ARK: Survival Evolved. We don’t know what will follow ARK, but we’ll likely get a good idea once the next free game comes knocking on June 11.

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