Vanguard patch Volk nerf bug fixes

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season Three introduced some new content in the form of new multiplayer maps, weapons, and more. In the Pacific, there is a new fast-travel system, new pieces of equipment, such as Radar Jammers, and much more. As we’re over half way through the season, it should not be long until we learn what Sledgehammer has up its sleeve for Season Four. Meanwhile, a small update has arrived in multiplayer. The latest Vanguard patch has balanced the Volk assault rifle and fixed bugs relating to perks and the Dead Drop Field Upgrade.

Firstly, the Volkssturmgewehr, better known as the Volk, has been hit with a nerf. The vital damage of the Volk has been decreased by 30% from 56 to 39. This means you’ll need to hit two or more headshots with this weapon to effectively improve the time to kill. In addition, the sprint to fire time has been decreased by 8%. This patch also fixes a problem with the H4 Blixen, which stopped the Mk. 8 Reflector Optic from unlocking at weapon level 18 as intended.


Making some adjustments to your loadout

You may have noticed that the perk selection has changed, but some loadouts still displayed outdated choices. Sledgehammer has addressed this issue, and the game will default to the first available perk in the slot if you are using an outdated selection. Be sure to check your loadouts to verify you’re using your favorite perks. Finally, the Dead Drop Field Upgrade was disabled for a short time while an issue that caused it to give players unearned streaks was under investigation. As the glitch has been resolved, you can now re-equip it to your loadout.

Although the Vanguard patch may be bad news for fans of the Volk, there are plenty more powerful options in the assault rifle category that players can check out, such as the Automaton.

Vanguard patch Volk nerf bug fixes

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