Chivalry 2 Fight Knight Update

Torn Banner Studios’ epic medieval warfare game has just received some huge additions. As part of the Fight Knight update, Chivalry 2 players can now enjoy two new game modes, a new weapon, and a fully-featured Halloween event. This update even offers a new method of fighting, as players can now headbutt others to death as a last resort after losing their limbs.

This update is being added as part of the developer’s goal to make Chivalry 2 “live for a very long time.” And that’s not just Torn Banner Studios’ CEO and creative director Steve Piggott talking a big game. His studio has already unveiled a development roadmap on its official Trello page.


New ways to play

The Fight Knight update introduced two new game modes into Chivalry 2. First up is Brawl mode, a tavern brawl-styled battle where players spawn with no weapons. It is possible to pick up whatever you can find lying around to attack other players, though. Be it a chair or beer stein, anything can hurt if swung hard enough.

Another new mode added today is Last Team Standing. As the name would suggest, this is in an elimination game mode where you and your team fight to be the last team alive. This was featured in the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and was heavily requested by fans to be brought over to the sequel.

The swashbucklers amongst you will be happy to hear that the rapier is now a usable weapon. This sharp sword that is popular with fencers provides fantastic mobility and impressive range potential for a melee weapon. However, it is a high-skill sword that will require some practice to get used to.

Running from October 26 to November 7, the Fight Knight update also adds Chivalry 2‘s Halloween event. This is the first-ever seasonal event in Chivalry 2. It introduces a vast array of spooky cosmetics and decorations for players to customize themselves with.

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