total war rome 2 (5)

Siege battles and AI are still priorities.

The latest patch and performance update from Creative Assembly about Total War: Rome 2 promises that the game will be supported by the developers “for a long, long time.” Apparently there had been some talk and rumours about the upcoming Patch 7 being the final patch for the game, which the team want to put to rest. “We just wanted to state again that Patch 7 is not the last patch,” the post states.

That update is still said to be in the works, with a public beta coming “soon” (albeit not in the next week.) “We’ve not talked about specific fixes yet just because we want to make sure that everything we want is making it into the patch,” the team add.

However, the post does go on to address the ongoing performance issues players are suffering, and says that these are the “single biggest priority for our graphics team.” So it’s probably safe to say that Patch 7 will be aiming to address these further. The post also confirms that the next patch will have improvements to “Siege battles and AI” though isn’t able to go into much detail there.

Finally, Creative Assembly say they have not forgotten about modding and will be holding “a modding summit before the end of the year.” Again, it’s not quite clear what this will address, but presumably any concerns that modders have been expressing over the past few months.

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