Crown Trick Weapon Guide The Best Weapons

Crown Trick offers a plethora of weapons for you to find. They all have their own capabilities, affixes, and effects, although some are more viable than others. Here’s our Crown Trick weapons guide to help you out.

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Crown Trick: Weapons guide – Ideal picks for your runs

The weapon types in Crown Trick have different ranges and coverage when you unleash your normal attacks. The idea is to find which one works best for your playstyle, although I’ll still add a few tips that have helped me out in my playthrough.

Twin Daggers

I’m not a fan of twin daggers in Crown Trick. In spite of any effects or affixes these weapons have, they’ll only hit one tile in front of you.

Crown Trick Weapon Guide The Best Weapons 1


I’ve never prioritized lances at all in my playthroughs. They can only hit two tiles in front of Elle.

Crown Trick Weapon Guide The Best Weapons 2


Swords are more viable since they’ll hit three tiles — the one in front of you and the two tiles adjacent to that.

Crown Trick Weapon Guide The Best Weapons 3


Shotguns hit targets in a T-shaped area — one tile in front, and three tiles in a row after that. However, the damage dealt to those in tiles further away is greatly reduced. Likewise, you need to reload every couple of shots.

Crown Trick Weapon Guide The Best Weapons 4


Staves fire a magical projectile two tiles away and only those directly in front of you.

Crown Trick Weapon Guide The Best Weapons 5


Funnily enough, gauntlets tend to be a ranged weapon in Crown Trick. This is because they’ll shoot out projectiles up to three tiles away.

Crn Tr Wep 2


Pistols have more range than staves (three tiles). These weapons have four bullets — the first two are fired separately, and the last two are fired simultaneously.

Crn Tr Wep 1


Rifles have the highest range in Crown Trick (four tiles). You do need to reload after three shots.

Crn Tr Wep 3


My absolute favorite weapon type in Crown Trick, however, is the axe. The axes you find in the game can hit every tile surrounding Elle.

Crn Tr Wep 4a

Seriously, axes are the best

The reason for this is fairly simple: room clearing. The mobs you’ll encounter in Crown Trick will beeline towards your character and you’ll find yourself surrounded.

As mentioned in our beginner’s guide, it’s best to DPS mobs when you’re diagonally-adjacent to them to avoid getting hit by normal attacks. This makes axes perfect for crowd control. Likewise, as cited in our official review, this also meant I had to restart runs often if I didn’t find an axe in the initial room.

Crn Tr Wep 4b

Crown Trick is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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