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Up to this point, the only post-launch additions that developer Amplitude Studios have implemented in its strategy game Humankind have come in the form of free updates. Now, though, Amplitude plans to switch things up by releasing its first paid DLC expansion for Humankind, dubbed Cultures of Africa. As the name implies, Cultures of Africa allows players to develop six new African civilizations, one for each of the game’s six time periods. Additionally, the DLC provides players with “new natural and built wonders, independent people, and 15 new narrative events.” Players can experience this new expansion once it drops on January 20.

According to a press release, the six new civilizations in the DLC represent “the first additions to [the] original roster of 60 cultures.” These new cultures include the Bantu for the Ancient Era, the Garamantes for the Classical Era, the Swahili for the Medieval Era, the Maasai for the Early Modern Era, the Ethiopians for the Industrial Era, and the Nigerians for the Contemporary Era. Just like the original roster of cultures, the six new ones each have an affinity that allows them to specialize in certain fields. For instance, since the Ethiopians have the Militarist affinity, they can let players “catch up on military and science” more quickly than the other five cultures.


What about the rest of the new content?

In regards to the “new natural and built wonders,” the DLC allows players to find Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, Zuma Rock, Lake Natron, and the Great Mosque of Djenné. Curiously, the press release does not specify anything about the DLC’s “7 independent people and 15 new narrative events,” so players will have to wait to learn more.

Fans of Humankind will likely appreciate the substantial new additions that Cultures of Africa will bring. Although the expansion will cost $8.99 USD on release day, you can get it for 10% off if you choose to purchase before January 20.

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