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Your journey in Curse of the Dead Gods is fraught with danger. Unholy denizens of forgotten temples await you. Corruption slowly creeps its way to the surface the more you progress, and uncertainty clouds your path ahead. Will you succeed or will curses overcome you in this action roguelike game? Well, here’s our guides and features hub to help you out.

Note: Our Curse of the Dead Gods guides and features hub will be updated accordingly, so stay tuned.


Official review – This action roguelike title from Passtech Games and Focus Home Interactive reminds me a lot of Hades. It’s definitely challenging and the combat is highly enjoyable. But, there are some noticeable flaws that you can’t ignore. Here’s our official review to help you determine if it’s worth your while.

Beginner’s guide – Take baby steps as you start your temple treks in Curse of the Dead Gods. There are several unique mechanics and features to take note of, and you’ll want to master them if you wish to succeed.

Managing corruption and curses – Progressing further has an “unnatural” barrier: corruption. Should your character be overwhelmed by too much corruption, he’ll get afflicted with a curse. Thankfully, there are a few ways to manage these systems.

Unlocking new Weapon Altars and Divine Favors – Your chosen weapons will become integral to your capabilities in Curse of the Dead Gods‘ temples. But, you only begin the campaign with a couple of rather dull options. You’ll be able to obtain more in due course.

The best blessings and perks – Whether you’ve succeeded or failed in your run, you’ll still end up losing your gold and boosted attributes. However, you’ll keep some resources like crystal skulls. These are used to unlock various perks.

Finding ways to heal and survive – You might have a huge health pool, but that’s going to drop when you take a lot of hits. You’re going to need quite a bit of healing if you wish to survive lengthier dungeon delves.

Curse of the Dead Gods is available via Steam.

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