cyberpunk 2077 expansion leaked

The story for the in-progress Cyberpunk 2077 expansion may have been leaked online. As spotted by PC Gamer, a dataminer on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit supposedly found information that points to the entire story. In a recent earnings report, CDPR detailed multiple teams allocated to the development of an expansion for Cyberpunk 2077. It should release next year, barring any more delays.

The files for Cyberpunk 2077 were possibly added in a recent patch, and leaked by a dataminer who had an apparent quarrel with a CDPR moderator. It was originally uploaded to a different subreddit, and then deleted, but reuploaded to r/GamingLeaksandRumors soon after. The leaked files consist of hundreds of lines of dialogue, thought to be from the expansion for Cyberpunk 2077. A DMCA copyright strike issued for the link in the subreddit resulted in the files being inaccessible as of now.


Johnny Silverhand may sit this one out

Inside the uploaded files for the Cyberpunk 2077 patch, the leaked info details named “quest” and “open_world.” Those folders contain multiple subfolders detailing different aspects. The subfolders detail a storyline, as well as side quests never before seen in the base game. What follows are some spoilers. So if you’re waiting, then you might want to skip.

The expansion begins with a new NPC hacking into the main character’s head, and replacing Johnny Silverhand. This sounds likely, as the cost to bring back Keanu Reeves would probably be too great for an expansion. There are a few new areas to explore within the Pacifica Region. Files show that areas preciously talked about, such as the Sports Dome, are coming to the DLC. The Sports Dome is home to refugees from Haiti, destroyed by the effects of climate change. The Voodoo Boys, a gang involved in the game, are supposedly going to be a main focus of the story.

Cyberpunk 2077 free dlc update delayed expansion story details leaked

Where it all begins

The potential leaked info shows the expansion takes place before the end of the game as well. Delving deeper into the folders reveals multiple endings you will be able to achieve at the end of the main game. Unfortunately, Reeves has little to no part in these revised endings.

When zooming out and looking at the bigger picture, take this information with a grain of salt. Cyberpunk 2077‘s expansion is not going to be released until 2023 at the earliest. This means many changes, and reiterations, could happen in the meantime.

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