Datto ranks Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic Armor early — Here's the tier list!
Image: Bungie

Datto ranks Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic Armor early — Here’s the tier list!

It's a good time to be a Titan main.

If you’ve watched any Destiny 2 content on YouTube, you’re likely familiar with Datto. He’s covered Destiny since the beginning, and his opinions hold weight. Datto recently shared the scoop on six upcoming Exotic Armor coming in Destiny 2 The Final Shape, so here’s how they shape up.

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Datto’s Early Impressions on Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic Armor

Datto was given some playtime on The Final Shape ahead of the full release on June 4th, 2024. While his playtime was limited, Datto provides some welcome insight on a few Exotics we can look forward to. He covered two Exotic Armor pieces for each class and clarified a few details fans were concerned about.

It’s clear that Datto couldn’t test everything with these Exotic Armor pieces, nor could he try them with a fireteam. With this in mind, some of these early impressions may not be accurate when The Final Shape launches. That said, it’s always fun to put a tier list together, so here’s what we think of what’s been shown based on Datto’s opinions and gameplay.

Naturally, these armor pieces aren’t in the game yet, so we’re entering deep spoiler territory. Consider yourself warned, Guardian.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape pre-release Exotic Armor Tier List

Datto ranks Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic Armor early — Here's the tier list!
Image: Bungie

We’ve arranged this Destiny 2 The Final Shape Exotic Armor list from best to worst, and you can read our reasoning below:

  • Titan Wishful Ignorance Exotic Gauntlets
  • Titan Hazardous Propulsion Exotic Gauntlets
  • Warlock Speaker’s Sight Exotic Helmet
  • Hunter Balance of Power Leg Armor
  • Warlock Mataiodoxia Exotic Chest Armor
  • Hunter Gifted Exotic Conviction Chest Armor

Exotic Tier List Explained

Let’s quickly go over each armor piece so I can better explain their placements.

Titan Wishful Ignorance Exotic Gauntlets

If your main takeaway from this list is “Titans are eating well in the Final Shape,” you’d be right. The Wishful Ignorance Gauntlets give Titans an additional Frenzied Blade charge, and consecutive hits deal more damage. You also gain melee energy when healing your friends with Banner of War.

As a Titan main, I know how strong Banner of War is despite several nerfs. Frenzied Blade is a fantastic ability already, and an Exotic armor piece to enhance it is something to be excited about.

Titan Hazardous Propulsion Exotic Gauntlets

This Exotic launches rockets when you deploy a Barricade and powers up your Rockets by roughly 35%. According to Datto, the damage is respectable, although it’s less potent in PvP.

As someone who uses their Barricade primarily to power up my other abilities, this might give me a reason to build around it. The Rocket barrage looks decent, and the bonus damage to rockets opens plenty of build opportunities.

Warlock Speaker’s Sight Exotic Helmet

The Speaker’s Sight deploys a healing turret when you throw a healing grenade. The turret fires homing shots that grant restoration and cure. If you consider yourself a support player, this Exotic leans into that playstyle quite nicely.

Datto explains that using an exotic slot on a healing turret is a hard sell for him. I imagine many skilled players will feel the same, but this Exotic could provide a lifeline for New Lights still considering which is the best New Light Kit.

Hunter Balance of Power Exotic Leg Armor

The Balance of Power buffs the Hunter’s Threaded Specter ability. Datto explains that this Exotic seems more geared toward PvP as you don’t appear on the radar while near a Specter.

This Exotic piece may be a low priority in PvE, where many other decent options exist. Still, some players live in the Crucible, and this could be a fun option there.

Warlock Mataiodoxia Exotic Chest Armor

Datto didn’t have too much to say about this armor piece. It seems the purpose of this piece is to give Prismatic Warlocks access to Suspend.

Suspending targets is a strong ability, but we will have to see it in action to judge. There are so many decent Warlock Exotics that may be more valuable.

Hunter Gifted Conviction Exotic Chest Armor

Bringing up the rear, we have the Hunter’s Gifted Conviction. This armor spreads Jolt everywhere, but Datto mentions it deals minimal damage.

We could be completely wrong about this one, but you need to invest heavily in a “Jolt” focused build to get much value from this Exotic. It remains to be seen if it’s worth the precious slot.

As we gear up for The Final Shape, make sure you spend your Legendary Shards before they are lost forever.

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