Destiny 2 hotfix cross-play voice chat feat

It’s time for yet another Destiny 2 hotfix, as has touched down. The game has been updated to feature a host of changes and bug fixes that are sure to get the blood pumping. Okay, well, not sure, but you get what I mean. The hotfix for Destiny 2 also adds cross-play voice chat, at last.

As for those changes, first off there are some fixes for seasonal activities. In regards to Astral Alignment, there was a problem where the Ether Collection encounter could soft lock when all of the Ether Wisps were killed. Additionally, if players left an activity while carrying certain objects, that too could soft lock the encounter. Soft locks for days.


Then there’s a fix for the Vault of Glass, where Atheon would occasionally summon an invisible barrier that made it impossible to get in. Kinda need to go that way, Atheon, so you’re this close. The patch has several fixes for the game’s UI. Players should now be able to discard Solstice key fragments without issue, and can even dismantle entire stacks of them from their inventory screen. And you know how Bungie friend toasts would play before character selection? Not anymore, they don’t. Speaking of friends, it wasn’t always clear when you’ve blocked a player on some Roster screens. That should now be a thing of the past.

Destiny 2 hotfix brings a host of fresh changes

Additional changes have been made to armor, weapons, and abilities as well. For instance, some players weren’t able to change the armor energy of Lucky Pants, which has been fixed. What a great sentence. In a highly welcome move, cross-play voice chat has been enabled in Destiny 2, so you can now trash talk people playing the game on their feeble consoles as your superior framerates and mouse aiming. Or not, as this is mostly a co-op romp. However, there are some issues that may affect certain Xbox players. Head on over to the official site to see the full changelist. Or don’t. I’m a writer, not a cop.

Destiny 2 hotfix cross-play voice chat 1

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