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Dioramas are a new type of collectible in The Devil in Me. These are static scenes or pictures that depict characters/moments that you’ve encountered while playing the game. You can see them in the Bonus Features menu, and subsequently use Obols to obtain them. In any case, here’s our The Devil in Me Diorama location unlocks guide to help you find the required chapters and instances.

Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our Obol farming guide for the currency needed to purchase them. Lastly, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


The Devil in Me Diorama location unlocks guide

Prologue: The World’s Fair Hotel

  • Holmes and Honeymooners – You’ll get both once you’re done with the prologue.

Chapter: Opportunity

  • Kate, Mark, Charlie, Jaime, and Erin – The Dioramas of the main characters in The Devil in Me are unlocked automatically in Opportunity.

Chapter: Guests

  • Intimate – Have Jamie and Erin kiss by picking the following responses as Jamie: playful -> familiar -> concerned -> flirtatious. Then, move in for the kiss. This also unlocks the “Sparks” achievement.
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Chapter: Cigarettes

  • Barman – Just interact with the barman animatronic.

Chapter: Staff Only

  • Quartet – Repair the fusebox as Jamie, then check the stage to see the barbershop quartet animatronics.

Chapter: Blood Trail

  • Murdered – Unlocked once Jamie and Charlie encounter the victim asking them for help.

Chapter: Mannequins

  • Dinner – Unlocked once you investigate the mannequins around the dinner table.

Chapter: The Surgery

  • Erin’s Animatronic – This Diorama in The Devil in Me can only be obtained if Erin died in Blackout (i.e., attack Du’Met) or Silver Ash (i.e., run to the door instead of hiding in the closet). This chapter will replace Breathless (i.e., the Suffocation Room).

Chapter: Interrogation

  • Sherman –  You’ll get this as Jaime upon reaching the Interrogation Room. You’ll spot the corpse of Manny Sherman, the Beast of Arkansas.
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Chapter: Director’s Suite

  • Frenemies – Both Kate and Jamie need to survive the Glass Trap.
  • Unknown

Chapter: Maze

  • Du’Met – Regardless of the character you’re controlling, you’ll want to get past the maze and the hidden passage in the cellar. Eventually, you’ll reach an archway with several Du’Met mannequins. Go near one of them, and the real Du’Met will surprise you.

Chapter: Cliffside

  • Connie the Dog – This concerns Connie the Dog, whom you’ll be able to pet and rescue. Charlie has to die in Ignition (i.e., force the door open twice) or in Waste Disposal (i.e., fail the QTEs). Mark will be playable in this chapter, allowing you to encounter Connie.
  • Unknown

Chapter: Reunion

  • Mother – Kate must remain alive. After Mark fixes the lighthouse, Kate will make her way there. She’ll then see the corpse of Du’Met’s mother, now turned into an animatronic.
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Chapter: The Lake

These Dioramas in The Devil in Me are from the Lake finale:

  • Forced – You’ll see the bodies of Morello and his daughter.
  • Chopped – The policeman will get killed by Du’Met, making this Diorama available for purchase.
  • Broken – This requires you to successfully complete all QTE and aim-and-attack sequences on the boat to ensure that the killer is defeated.
  • Anchored – Playing as Mark (and Kate/Erin), you’ll have to pass the QTE sequences when (a) grabbing the axe, (b) swinging the axe, (c) avoiding the axe’s blade. Finally, Du’Met will attempt to throw the anchor. Fail this and the anchor will punch through Mark’s chest.

Chapter: Ultimatum

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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