Diablo Creator Reacts To Diablo: Immortal Outrage – “Give Mobile A Chance”

Diablo Creator Reacts To Diablo: Immortal Outrage – “Give Mobile A Chance”

Earlier today, we mentioned the responses from Blizzard representatives addressing the Diablo: Immortal controversy. There is, however, another voice across the aisle that’s worth staying awhile and listening to. That voice is David Brevik’s. For many PC gaming fans, that name would be familiar since he was the project lead for the classic Diablo games and the former president of Blizzard North.

The classic Diablo games were Brevik’s brainchild and, for the longest time, these were considered as the pinnacle of action role-playing games (ARPGs). Naturally, the industry veteran has his pulse on the fanbase. He does, however, feel that some of the angry reactions don’t make sense. Check out his commentary during a Twitch live stream:

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Brevik On BlizzCon

Long-time Diablo fans joined the Twitch chat to complain about Diablo: Immortal. Some have even suggested for Brevik to buy back the Diablo IP for a measly $1 million which elicited a laugh from the couple. The Diablo creator then offered his thoughts about BlizzCon and that controversial announcement.

Brevik started off by telling fans point-blank: “Don’t be a dick.” He noted that the Blizzard developers “worked hard to try to entertain fans” and so if you want to be critical, do so, but “don’t be a dick” about it or resort to death threats.

Brevik also mentioned that it’s unfair to judge a game without even playing it:

“The Diablo [Immortal] game might turn out to be okay. Some people who played it thought it was pretty good; that it was interesting.”

Brevik also mentioned other publications that gave Diablo: Immortal a try noting that different people have different opinions. He also posited that a lot of angry and outraged reactions from fans must’ve been because of self-generated hype:

“They built it up in their minds that [Blizzard] was going to announce something big. Diablo II Remastered? Diablo IV?  Something huge. They raised their expectations to 21 and a half out of 10. They were so ridiculously hyped… [even though] Blizzard said just weeks ago not to get hyped up. And they were disappointed, because [Diablo: Immortal] was not a game they might particularly enjoy. [Diablo: Immortal] was not what they expected.”

All of that self-generated hype and those expectations not being met led to only one conclusion for outraged fans:

“Fuck Blizzard!”

“I thought something big was going to happen even though you told me not to expect that so fuck you! You ruined everything! My soul has been absolutely crushed!” – the internet

The Internet Experience Andariel And Duriel: Anguish And Pain

Brevik added that a mobile Diablo game was not inherently a bad idea. He also snarkily said that angry players would end up becoming a little “hypocritical” since they might end up downloading Diablo: Immortal anyway. He even surmises that the mobile game might end up becoming good in the end.

The Godfather of Diablo actually added that it’s not even going to be the end of the franchise. That’s because Blizzard already announced that there will be more Diablo games in store.

“You have to give [Blizzard] props for trying. [Diablo: Immortal] might not be what you want, but what you want’s coming. Just be patient! You know as well as I do, everybody knows they’re making a Diablo IV but, [if you were overhyped] shame on you — give mobile a chance.”

As for all the recent protests in general? Brevik felt that these would all “fall on deaf ears.” He compared it to the outburst that people had over Diablo III. That game, according to him, has legions of fans more than detractors. He even predicts that Immortal will be “super popular in Asia” and the “downloads will speak for themselves.” He even scoffs at those who are irate because it’s a mobile game, sarcastically mimicking a gamer reaction:

“Why is everybody judging the game just because it’s on mobile? [Are they like] ‘Oh, I’m too important of a gamer because it’s on mobile, and I have standards.’ I call bullshit [since] these hardcore gamers are playing on PCs, they’re playing on consoles, and a great majority of them are playing some mobile game.”

Brevik did, however, note that there was also fault on Blizzard’s end. That’s because BlizzCon is known for having a very vocal, rabid, and hardcore PC crowd. Announcing a mobile game during the event, knowing that diehard fans are expecting “Diablo to have the limelight” only led to crushing disappointment. He also found it weird that Blizzard handed over the development of Diablo: Immortal to NetEase since, presumably, the company wanted more experience with mobile markets “like what they did with Hearthstone.”

In any case, if the creator of the Diablo franchise himself has a cool and level-headed way of looking at things, that doesn’t really lend much credence to the outrage. If many say that the reason they’re upset is that their beloved franchise is “long gone” or “dead,” then wouldn’t the opinions of that franchise’s creator (the very games they hold most dear) hold more weight even if his views don’t align with the theirs?

Feel free to listen to the rest of Mr. Brevik’s commentary on Diablo: Immortal, Blizzard, and the franchise in general, while he and his wife are playing It Lurks Below, his independent creation.


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  • Jrodriguezwp

    I’m a small business owner who’s also writing on the side, contributing in various websites under the Enthusiast Gaming umbrella — Destructoid, Flixist, Daily Esports, PlayStation Enthusiast, and PC Invasion.
    My Steam library has 1,131 games at the moment so we definitely have a lot of things to talk about.

    • LordCancer Kain

      mobile processors creeping up on consoles and a larger install base, why would blizzard make diablo 4 if they could monetize 100 million mobile users? all of these companies take their turn chasing an evaporative consumer, nintendo and the wii, microsoft and kinect, konami and pachinko, etc. i just can’t imagine the scenario where i would be away from home and be able to play a game, driving, working ten minutes in a lobby or a line? it seems blizzard is suggesting we switch from our bigger screen games to a small screen experience while home but the last mobile platform i used was a nintendo ds, played far less than my gba at that.

      why not push this cross play across all platforms as a casual interim step before diablo 4? this probably would have mitigated some of the backlash. blizzard are just tone deaf in the way they teased their target audience, and their response to the unexpected backlash. brevik is being disingenuous saying the fans self generated hype but that is not entirely true. blizzard did a wii bit of the hyping themselves with videos like this to sell tickets to their lame show.


    • korval

      Recorded 20 minutes of Endless of God gameplay through BlueStacks 4 running on Windows, basically the same engine that powers Diablo: Immortal. This will at least satisfy those who wanted to play it on PC and not their phones. I played it on a 4K screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ggGtPvVz3o

      BTW BlueStacks 4 is 6X than EVERY phone on the planet. Yeah. So no way mobile processors ever catching up to a I7-8700, 1080TI, 4K60 machine 🙂

    • Mech Im.Im.

      FOA, its not about being a mobile platform game or whether Diablo should or should not be on Mobile. Its about how Blizzard dictate and how the indifference shown , and general inability to provide info ad reassurance whether its Immortal or next Diablo PC release. In short if Blizaard want to market to the mobile gaming community, then do so but you got it on the wrong ears this time and BTW, you have noting to show for Diablo to this group of dedicated Diablo fans who , me included, had been hacking slashing since D1 and your no show of anything worth is the real letdown

    • capawesome

      Except Blizzard are the ones who planted the initial seed for said hype after making that remark about “Diablo projects in the works”. And let the internet run wild with whatever notion they had in their pocket. Not once even trying to dismantle the herd of fans from running off a cliff. Then hours before the event, they warned people to “quell” their expectations some.

      Then decide to end the con that fans paid money for to shill a mobile reskin they outsourced to a Chinese company they already made this exact game months ago.

      But it’s funny seeing that meme pic used in an article trying to take itself this seriously. Especially over something Diablo fans have good reasons to be upset about.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Video games are no longer a matter of passion, devotion, fun…like 30 years ago, on a snes or a 7MHz megadrive cpu… we could play amazing titles, and the devs/studios would do all they could, to make us happy.
      Each sale they would make, each guy that would play they game (s), they would be thankful for that. And to thank gamers, they would include plenty of free stuff, goodies, special characters, mods, even entire new levels.
      Making video games was actually fun.

      25-30 years later, video games have become a true disaster. The fun got replaced by greed. Devotion got replaced by countless hours of work at night, on weekends. Passion got replaced by pre-orders, dlcs, in-game items.

      Little by little, or favorite franchises are being executed by the firing squads made of soulless shareholders.
      -Mass effect

      Even the big titles are losing their single player campaigns… because online multi-player is where the huge amounts of cash are.

      It no longer is ‘let’s make a great game people will play and have fun, during 5, 10, 20 years’.
      Today, it’s ‘let’s make a game where people will play 2 or 3 months, and will spend 500, 1’000, 5’000 bucks on microtransactions ad loot boxes. No need to fix the bugs, as players will come, will spend money, and will go’

      Sad times.

      Diablo immortal could have been a fantastic pc/console title. WITH NO LOOTBOXES OR MICROTRANSACTIONS.
      BUT they prefer releasing it on ipads, where gamers are used to spend hundreds and thousands bucks on pay-2-play games.

      What a shame, blizzard, really.

      Ps. Let’s not forget blizzard is actually BLIZZARD-ACTIVISION …
      and we all know how aggressive Activision are, with micro transactions and loot boxes. .

      at the end, it’s not a huge surprise, seeing blizzard-activision chose the pay-2-play path…
      after removing the ‘house of microtransactions’ from diablo 3, for sure, pc and console gamers would NEVER accept a diablo 4 game with loot boxes or microtransactions….HENCE the Tablet version.

      Ah, how further can this industry go ?
      The day gamers no longer have the hundreds and thousands dollars required to pay these games, the day the top 10 biggest games already swallowed 99% of the money all gamers in the world have, what are they going to do ?

      Next stock market crisis/global crisis, that should happen before 2020, 100 times worse than 2008 one, what are these huge companies with thousands of shareholders grabbing most of the company revenues GOING TO DO ?
      without enough gamers ready to spend unlimited amounts of cash, and used to make 3, 4, 6 billions in just a few months. .. what are they going to do ?

      Well we return to the roots, with small indie companies creating amazing titles, like back in the 90’s ?

      I hope so.
      It saddens me too much, seeing this beautiful industry totally collapse, because of greed and money.

    • Andrew DeKiwi

      There is one segment of loyal Diabolists I feel you omitted to consider, and its not so small as to be irrelevant. Original Diablo enthusiasts, like me, are getting on, and playing a game on mobile is simply not any option. It doesn’t matter the gameplay, or the legacy, it is simply we cannot see shit on a tiny screen. My cel is 6″ + and totally useless for a game like Diablo Immortal or any similar release because of vision – just another slap i the face for the original gamers who made Blizzard what they are.

    • Nerdhard✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Blizzard’s bad: Announcing a mobile game in a heavily PC and console biased crowd.

      Diablo Fan’s bad: Exuding a complete lack of respect for the devs, Blizzard and themselves.

      I’m a Diablo fan, always have and always will be – my damn thumbs still hurt from playing on PS1; however, we can’t allow ourselves to ‘excessively’ rage and act out of line. Seriously, “don’t be a dick” actually applies here.

      Blizzard will get it right, they will, but we all know that it’s going to take some time. Hold out, it’ll be worth the wait.

      • Jason Rodriguez

        Funnily enough, there was some backlash from the PC community when Diablo for PS1 was announced, all because of the: “It belongs to PCs!” idea, as if people suddenly equated video games to Indiana Jones looking for antiquities and wanting them to belong in a museum.

        In fact, funny story, there were also some criticisms addressed to Diablo 3 console players by those playing on PC. It’s as though the PC Diablo crowd scoffed at the console users since they weren’t “real hardcore gamers” and their “progress wasn’t genuine since people can trade hacked items on consoles.”

        I think that same reaction applies here. People become too attached to the system that they play something in that those ideas infiltrate their very identities even if the games themselves were never meant to be confined that way.

    • Andrew DeKiwi

      Jason, I am not averse to attracting new players, or expanding the universe of players by adding other systems, formats or whatever happens in the march of progress. When the time comes for the shunt in the back of the neck to play immersively, I’ll probably be in line. I don’t decry the mobile for its difference, it’s because with older eyes I can’t see it well enough far a game like Diablo. Maybe that’s clearer.