It has been announced that DICE have upgraded Battlefield 4’s server infrastructure in the hopes that it will improve the games online issues. Upon the release of the Naval Strike DLC, many players experienced lag and “rubber banding”.

BF4 community manager Dan Mitre issued a statement saying the team at DICE are “unhappy with [Battlefield 4’s] server performance” and will “be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.”

The update took place last night so with any luck Battlefield 34 players will wake this morning to find the game in a better state than when they left it. “Server hardware upgrades are technically not part of a software changelog. The server hardware upgrades would explain why the rubberbanding issues are reported as mostly gone,” said a redditor who works for DICE.

“As I understand it, yes, the hardware improvements have been done today. Would love to hear some feedback on it,” He said in one thread.

Source: MP1ST

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