Digimon Survive Release Date

Bandai Namco has given Digimon Survive an official release date. The upcoming tactics RPG will launch for PC worldwide on July 29, as confirmed by the game’s producer, Kazumasa Habu. That’s just one day after its launch in Japan. Most previous Digimon games have not been released simultaneously in Japan and the West, so this is good news for fans.

In the short video, Habu also promised that his team “is planning to deliver more exciting news” in the near future. So expect more details regarding gameplay features, the cast, and the story to follow.


If you don’t want to miss out on those updates then it’s worth heading over to Bandai Namco’s website. On there you can sign up to receive regular updates on Digimon Survive and how it’s coming along. These updates will be sent to whatever email you use to register.

A risky choice

For PC gamers, July was looking to be a quiet month. So news of the Digimon Survive release date is welcome. However, the larger gaming community have already noticed something troubling about its launch date. That happens to be the same day Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launches on the Nintendo Switch.

It’s a risk going up against such a popular series, but perhaps Bandai Namco has its reasons. Despite its popularity, Xenoblade Chronicles is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, so the majority of gamers will never have the chance to play it. But if non-Switch owners happen to be craving some JRPG action around that time, then Digimon Survive could be a good alternative.

Although, whether or not Survive has the same mass appeal is yet to be seen. Some people are put off by the hefty amount of dialogue that comes along with just about any visual novel. Either way, if we want to see more Digimon in the West then this latest entry will need to perform well.

Kurt Perry
Kurt is a passionate games writer who loves JRPGs, racing games, and FPS. Having grown up on Xbox, Kurt transitioned to PC gaming in 2017 but still enjoys playing a variety of platforms.

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