Everything we know about dinosaurs coming to Fortnite

Fortnite Dinosaurs

Due to the nature of live-service game design, not too many secrets make it into Fortnite without fans discovering clues before the fact. Instead of trying to play coy with us, Epic Games often provides clues to control the pacing of the hype for new additions coming to the game. That is certainly the case when it comes to dinosaurs coming to Fortnite.

There are so many clues at this point that it seems like an easy thing to confirm. Between Epic’s official teasers, in-game clues, and the data-mined leaks, we can rest assured that the famous beasts will show up sooner or later.


The best evidence we have of course comes from Epic Games. The Season 6 primer article reads that “the most fearsome predators have yet to hatch.” This line comes from a paragraph talking about the various predators that already roam the map. This appears to be in reference to some mysterious eggs. While these eggs aren’t explicitly referred to as dinosaur eggs anywhere, it’s pretty obvious what they are. Take a look for yourself, the nest is just east of The Spire.

Fortnite Dinosaurs Wall Drawings


Follow the clues, be clever

Further clues can be found at the remains of Colossal Coliseum, now known as Colossal Crops. A quick inspection of the walls at the largest structure reveals drawings of humans fighting against what appear to be Velociraptors. We long suspected these dinosaurs would arrive in Fortnite. The cages in Stealthy Stronghold bear uncanny similarities to those from Jurassic Park. In fact, Stealthy Stronghold as a whole looks quite familiar.

Dataminer FortTory found further evidence in the game’s code that points to these Velociraptors. As you can see below, the code makes references to players attacked by the predators.

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