Dirt 5 Career mode details Codemasters racing game October release date

Dirt 5 was first announced back in May with an action-packed racing trailer that showed off next-generation graphics. Developer Codemasters promised more details than just flashy visuals though, and now it’s delivered on that promise. The latest development blog post takes a closer look at the Career mode of Dirt 5, and it’s big.

Dirt 5, grit, and the love for racing

The Dirt 5 story drops players into a world that is obsessed with high-speed racing and the thrill of competition. Players will journey to all seven continents and compete on a diverse series of tracks to build their reputation. The narrative is also split into five chapters to highlight all of the important events.

Dirt 5 racing story codemasters

The story features some famous voice actors that will play the roles of important characters in the story. Troy Baker owns the role of Alex Janicek, or AJ, who serves as a mentor to the player. Meanwhile, equally prolific video game actor Nolan North portrays the antagonist, Bruno Durand.

Each chapter of the Career mode will contain event options, so players will be able to choose their path. Players just need to complete enough events to unlock each chapter’s Main Event, which are more challenging races. Dirt 5 will only require players to place third or better in Main Events to progress to the next chapter.

Dirt 5 racing Career

Codemasters has pointed out that all of the events can be played if desired though. The entire career mode includes 130 different events across nine racing types, plus 20 real-world brands to sponsor your vehicle like Monster Energy. The Career mode features every single location in Dirt 5, which makes it a great primer for multiplayer.

Career mode will also include secret Throwdown challenges that can be unlocked, which are tense one-on-one races. The details and rewards from Throwdown challenges are still unclear, but winning them should be worthwhile. 

Dirt 5 will be released in October 2020 via Steam and early 2021 via Stadia.

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