Does Minecraft Legends have split-screen co-op? Answered

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With the release of Minecraft Legends a few days ago, players can now see if they click with Mojang Studios’ newest take on its immensely popular IP. Of course, given that the game supports both cooperative and competitive multiplayer, many will want to give the title a whirl with their friends. Minecraft has always excelled at bringing players together with its multiplayer, so it stands to reason that Minecraft Legends would attempt to continue this tradition. Just like with any multiplayer game, many will wonder if they have the option of experiencing Minecraft Legends through split-screen co-op. So does Minecraft Legends incorporate this feature, or does it come up short?

Can you play split-screen in Minecraft Legends?

Unfortunately, Minecraft Legends does not include split-screen or any kind of local multiplayer feature. So if you have a friend who wants to play co-op with you, they will need to have a separate Minecraft Legends copy and gaming system as well as an Internet connection to do so. Considering that most console versions of Minecraft allow for split-screen co-op, many will likely feel disappointed over its omission here.

At the very least, Minecraft Legends does allow players to take advantage of crossplay for both co-op and competitive multiplayer. So if you worry about being unable to play the game with your friends due to their owning it on a different system, you can safely lay those fears to rest. Of course, this does not make playing with friends as accessible as split-screen would, but at least it removes a potential hurdle.

Even without split-screen, many of those who enjoy Minecraft Legends will likely enjoy it even more by booting up either co-op or PvP. If you want to learn more about multiplayer in Minecraft Legends and how to set up online sessions for these modes, you can check out our guide on the subject here.

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