DOTA 2 International prize pool revealed

The International, the upcoming global tournament for DOTA 2, is set to launch in a few days. With this in mind, Valve has revealed the prize pool for the competition.

Of course, that money was raised by the community itself, and this year, the 1st prize winners get nearly half of it. The distribution is outlined below:

1st: 46%
2nd: 13.5%
3rd: 9.5%
4th: 7.5%
5th-6th: 6%
7th-8th: 4.75%
9th-10th: 0.45%
11th-12th: 0.35%
13th-14th: 0.2%

As it is now, for the $ 10 million raised so far, the grand prize is at $ 4,753,981, but even the 13th and 14th prize winners get a respectable prize at $ 20,669. As you can see, it pays to be a DOTA 2 player.

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