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Netflix is no stranger to anime video game adaptions. But I must admit, I didn’t think Dota 2 would be one of the games making it to the streaming platform. The MOBA’s lore has always been a bit murky. However, With the game’s ever-growing hero roster, there certainly is enough of it to explore for many seasons. I can’t wait to check out the Dota 2 anime when it arrives to Netflix on March 25.

The Dota 2 anime is titled DOTA: Dragon’s Blood and looks like it will begin with a story about the Dragon Knight. Coincidentally, he was the first hero I ever played in the game. The announcement from the Dota 2 Twitter account says that the anime series will explore the game’s universe like never before.


The Dota 2 Netflix anime series will consist of eight episodes. It is being animated by Studio MIR, the same studio that did The Legend of Korra.

Follow the Dragon Knight

The trailer really doesn’t give away much of the story, other than letting us know it will follow Davion the Dragon Knight. However, there’s a lot more information already out there thanks to the man who always has details about DotaWykrhm Reddy.

Reddy revealed some more details about the anime’s plot. After the encounter with a powerful, ancient eldwurm (presumably the encounter from the trailer), Davion also meets the noble Princess Mirana. She is on a secret mission. After Davion joins her, he gets caught up in events much larger than he could ever have imagined.

Via his Twitter account, Reddy also revealed that a teaser trailer for the Dota 2 Netflix anime series will be released on February 19. The main trailer will follow on March 2. Even more interesting than that, the images for his tweet show off some of the other characters coming to the show. The woman in the main trailer frame is definitely Mirana. Is the character featured in the season premiere panel Invoker? Could he be the antagonist for the series?

Dota 2 Anime Series Reveal

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