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File this one under: Patches. No, not that Patches. Recently, some Elden Ring players have become the victims of an exploit in which an invader uses a bug to send them into an infinite death loop. It caused the victim’s game to crash, and on reloading, they found their character saved outside the map and fell to their death. Among the many exploits invaders have been abusing lately, it was one of the most frustrating. No one wants to restart their entire game. Today, however, Elden Ring got a new patch that addresses the save corruption bug, hopefully preventing more players from falling to their doom.

It’s a sizable update, coming in at over 110 MB on Steam. The update comes with some other fixes, but it can’t be argued that fixing the save corruption bug will allow many Elden Ring players to sigh in relief. I had already backed up my saves, just in case. Hopefully others understood the danger and did as well.


There are four bullet points to today’s patch. The first addresses a bug that prevented you from completing an NPC question for Nepheli. The Ash of War known as Endure will also now work every time. An issue preventing its use has been dealt with. Some of you may have learned, as I have, that there’s a certain spot near the Bestial Sanctum that will kill you if you try to get down to it. That was actually a bug, and the patch got it fixed.

Elden Ring hackers save exploit patch multiplayer

First off, good job

Online exploits are not new to Souls games. For years, invaders have attempted to break the system in order to grief others. This latest exploit, however, went far beyond good fun. It’s a good thing for every Elden Ring player to see this save corruption bug get a patch. And it’s also good to see how quickly FromSoftware addressed it. Hopefully now, people can continue writing about fingers and holes without fear of losing their save in the process.

If you’re playing Elden Ring and are currently stuck (it’s pretty common), be sure to check out our guides and features hub.

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