Elden Ring Sellia Crystal Tunnel

Elden Ring: How to escape or clear Sellia Crystal Tunnel

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Sellia Crystal Tunnel is a location in Elden Ring that’s suitable for those who’ve leveled up further. However, it’s also possible to end up here if you’re just starting out. Here’s our Elden Ring guide to help you escape Sellia Crystal Tunnel as a newbie, or clear it later on once you’ve boosted your character.

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Elden Ring guide – How to escape or clear Sellia Crystal Tunnel

Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Elden Ring can be accessed (rather accidentally) while you’re exploring the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave (the place where you’d fight Flying Dragon Agheel). There’s a cellar here with a chest. Unfortunately, it activates a Transporter Trap.

Eldr Cae Selcrys Tn 1

When you spawn in Sellia Crystal Tunnel, you’ll be greeted by Glintstone Miners that have high defenses (you’re going to need blunt weapons), as well as Centipeder Parkers (centipedes with web-slinging abilities). They’re extremely dangerous, especially for a newcomer or low-level player.

To escape Sellia Crystal Tunnel in Elden Ring, simply look to your left after exiting the hut. You should see an open space and a passageway. Quickly run and keep rolling until you reach the end. There, you’ll find a Site of Grace that lets you fast travel after resting.

Note: If ever you’re ensnared by Transporter Traps in other locations, you need to rest at a Site of Grace to re-enable fast travel.

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However, once you leveled up further, you can have your vengeance. Most mobs here should be pushovers, though do try to watch out for devastating attacks and getting cornered. Your initial goal is to jump on a hut’s roof, and then roll behind a barricade. This will take you to a small passage with several Centipeder Parkers and a Faithful’s Canvas Talisman (increases potency of Incantations).

Note: As with other mines, Sellia Crystal Tunnels has a few Smithing Stones for weapon upgrades.

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From there, you’ll emerge at the topmost section of the cave. This takes you to the boss’ arena where you’ll fight a Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast (the same creature you battled on the way to Mount Gelmir). The difference is that this is an enclosed space, and you won’t have Torrent with you. Still, it shouldn’t be a tough fight since the boss’ attacks can be telegraphed.

Beating it nets you several resources, as well as the Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing. You can exchange this with the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold to purchase upgrade materials with runes.

Note: If you head outside, you should find Sellia Town of Sorcery. The Sellia’s Secret quest can be completed here. Also, the Sellia Hideaway cave is where you’ll find Master Lusat as part of Sorceress Sellen’s quest chain.

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